Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trip to Boston

I had a last minute invite to go to Boston and I HAD A BLAST!! The people I went with were the BEST company I have been with in such a long time, it really made the trip even better! We went thru Niagara Falls, to Boston, then to Plymouth and home to view many of the historical places there. I'll have to say, for being a small town girl, that big city was so thrilling! The smells, sounds, sights..... ahhhhhhh! opened a part of me I forgot was in there!

Today I am starting back on the hcg VLCD with about 5 lbs over last hcg weight. I think most is water gain and 4 of it was gained befor my trip to Boston. I am proud at staying close to protocol during the trip with a few sweet allowances each day if I felt I wanted something special. Some days there were no places to eat a good protein breakfast without the bread so I just ate & enjoyed. Seeing that I gained under a pound over the past 5 days was very encouraging. We did a LOT of walking so maybe some gain is from that as well.

I am anxious and determined to be very strict and get this lbs off quickly. I can't wait to see the 150's! I've been stalled here in the 160's for too long and I'm determined to push thru.

I have added a link to the right that has a Word document of the allowed foods during the 500 Very Low Calorie Diet days. Lemme know if you need it in another format! Here is the LINK as well.

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