Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I went from 170.8 to 169.4, so that is a 1.4 loss which is great to see! whoot! But I've been puzzled lately about my body being stuck in the 160's.. I got sooo close to the 150's and then bounced back up to struggle even more! Then I read a post on Biz' journal describing the same thing I'm going thru. The daily stress of life put on top of getting so close to a goal seems to bring of a sense of fear that stops the losses. I keep doing stupid things like eating some crackers before bed even though I'm not craving them! I'd occasionally eat things like that before with no stalls, but now, it seems like my fear is making the stalls happen.

So I guess, mentally, the battle is on and I HAVE TO WIN to get thru this fear.

I'll be posting more later.

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