Wednesday, September 24, 2008

down 1 lb!

Down another pound today! YES!!! That makes 2.4 in 2 days... I HOPE with everything inside me that this is going to be a good round! I believe I have all the fear healed inside me & that it will no longer stop me from succeeding! Esp in the weight-loss department!

Last week, after my wonderful last-minute trip to Boston, I purchased my first pair GAP jeans size 10!! A little muffin-top happening, but they feel soooo good!!

Hubby's still on break, leaving the last 2 vials of hcg for me. I'm planning on placing another order today or tomorrow. He's been doing awesome in making good choices & re-thinking what he puts into his body!! It is such a miracle to see his mindset change! I'm soo proud of him!

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