Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Camping is over

We had a blast camping this weekend. Hubby & I stopped hcg last Monday to be able to enjoy our weekend easier. We stuck as close to p3 protocol as possible. P3 is a stabalizing period of eating proteins and fruits & veggies at 2500-3000 calories. We cooked everything over the campfire and the others let hubby & myself be in charge of the food most of the time. It was very kind of them to be as accommodating to our protocol as they were! We did deviate some, but we also expected it to happen so we were able to relax & enjoy ourselves. Our gains are up a bit, but I think mine is mostly water since I wasn't able to drink like I wanted to on our packing up & driving home day. I was in a flare & didn't have the energy to run to the bathroom all day either.

Today I am doing an egg day to get this water-weight off & get my body to my last hcg weight.

We are considering starting hcg tomorrow, but we'll see what happens on the morrow!

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