Tuesday, September 30, 2008

whoot for my losses!

down today: 166.4 - 165.0 = - 1.4 losses

Monday, September 29, 2008

reporting for today

Monday's stats: down 1.2

167.6-166.4 = - 1.2

today I am in a spondy flare. high pain, high swelling. The storm passed thru & I hope it is over so I can have a better day tomorrow.

I'm very happy to see I'm no longer sabotaging myself! I'm very pleased with my high losses! whoot whoot! But this squish is really getting on my nerves. ugh!

squishy fat
squishy fat
far, far away!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

down again...whoot!

Down 1.2 today. I put on my size 10 GAP jeans and they're fitting even better than when I bought them 2 weeks ago! I'm happily watching the fat melt off this round!! FINALLY!! I've been taping myself too & noticing the changes in the measurements. I'll post when there is an inch to make mention of... soon....

((insert happy dance here))

My ticker has not been moving because of the problems with the beginning of this round.. I have gone up and have not recovered that lowest weight. Hopefully this next week I'll see that weight again!

my stats:
168.8 - 167.6 = -1.2

Saturday, September 27, 2008

squishy fat, squishy fat

The strangest part of this protocol is the 'squishy fat'. It is VERY loose & wiggly-jiggly. Much like jello. I am very grossed out right now because of all the puff-n-stuff because it is so THERE. This is a good thing to go thru because I know within the next few days or possibly weeks, I'll be going down inches again as the hcg men are working to reduce the fat cells and lose the water for that final flush.

Today I am up 1.6 lbs because of TOM cycle starting and I had a date with hubby last night & ate off protocol a bit. It is good to be re-connecting with each other. We've lost a lot these past few years of busy-ness and falling away, into our routines of life and chaos. Now our oldest is able to babysit and we're able to re-connect again.

My trip to Boston was renewing & an awakening for me personally. I am very muc changed inside, in a good way. In a way I have been desiring for my whole life. I feel confident & free. I wonder how much of it is related to the changes of my hcg journey?

I'll be placing an order tonight for hcg that will hopefully be my last order. I am hoping to be done before November. My goal was to be done so I could celebrate with hubby at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with my slim bod. But with how slow I have been going lately, I don't know if I will make it.....snif.. sigh..

But I've realized these past few months of stalling myself have been my own internal issues of dealing with the weightloss. It has taken me time to get used to the new size and the complete sucess of the protocol. I wasn't ready to hit the 150's. My trip to Boston has helped me heal & get thru that. It was like being in a rock & a hard place. I WANTED to be thin quicker, but inside, I really wasn't ready, I guess.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

down 1 lb!

Down another pound today! YES!!! That makes 2.4 in 2 days... I HOPE with everything inside me that this is going to be a good round! I believe I have all the fear healed inside me & that it will no longer stop me from succeeding! Esp in the weight-loss department!

Last week, after my wonderful last-minute trip to Boston, I purchased my first pair GAP jeans size 10!! A little muffin-top happening, but they feel soooo good!!

Hubby's still on break, leaving the last 2 vials of hcg for me. I'm planning on placing another order today or tomorrow. He's been doing awesome in making good choices & re-thinking what he puts into his body!! It is such a miracle to see his mindset change! I'm soo proud of him!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I went from 170.8 to 169.4, so that is a 1.4 loss which is great to see! whoot! But I've been puzzled lately about my body being stuck in the 160's.. I got sooo close to the 150's and then bounced back up to struggle even more! Then I read a post on Biz' journal describing the same thing I'm going thru. The daily stress of life put on top of getting so close to a goal seems to bring of a sense of fear that stops the losses. I keep doing stupid things like eating some crackers before bed even though I'm not craving them! I'd occasionally eat things like that before with no stalls, but now, it seems like my fear is making the stalls happen.

So I guess, mentally, the battle is on and I HAVE TO WIN to get thru this fear.

I'll be posting more later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FUN shop

I've been working on an idea... and hopefully others agree! I've created a few fun things specifically for those on this hCG journey!

Here are the links of some creations for mugs, shirts, journals and more. Make sure toclick on the 4 different images below to see all that is offered!




Trip to Boston

I had a last minute invite to go to Boston and I HAD A BLAST!! The people I went with were the BEST company I have been with in such a long time, it really made the trip even better! We went thru Niagara Falls, to Boston, then to Plymouth and home to view many of the historical places there. I'll have to say, for being a small town girl, that big city was so thrilling! The smells, sounds, sights..... ahhhhhhh! opened a part of me I forgot was in there!

Today I am starting back on the hcg VLCD with about 5 lbs over last hcg weight. I think most is water gain and 4 of it was gained befor my trip to Boston. I am proud at staying close to protocol during the trip with a few sweet allowances each day if I felt I wanted something special. Some days there were no places to eat a good protein breakfast without the bread so I just ate & enjoyed. Seeing that I gained under a pound over the past 5 days was very encouraging. We did a LOT of walking so maybe some gain is from that as well.

I am anxious and determined to be very strict and get this lbs off quickly. I can't wait to see the 150's! I've been stalled here in the 160's for too long and I'm determined to push thru.

I have added a link to the right that has a Word document of the allowed foods during the 500 Very Low Calorie Diet days. Lemme know if you need it in another format! Here is the LINK as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

answering a question

Blogger Amy said...

Trudi- 1st of all Congratulations on all your success! Weight loss is never an "easy" journey but it sounds like you are doing very well!

I have a couple questions about the HCG diet that I'm hoping you can help me with- or at least just give me your opinion...

1) I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and the extra 25 lbs left is driving me crazy- call me impatient, but I've got to get it OFF! Do you think it's too soon to start HCG?

Hi Amy! Congrats on your new bundle of joy!! Remember it takes at least 1-2 years to get things situated in your body after birth. I completely understand your anxiety to get the pounds off asap, but I'd suggest waiting a couple months longer to get your hormones & everything back in order. The recommendation for returning to regular activity is 6 weeks after a baby. I'd personally wait at least 6 months. But your body is yours. You must also remember that the 25 lbs you have extra probably WILL come off within 6 months, esp if you are breastfeeding.

2) I'm currently breast feeding (actually I'm pumping and bottle feeding) but it's not going all that well- I'm about ready to quit. Do you think I need to quit completly before starting HCG? Or can I just wing it as I go. If I lose my milk then oh well, if I'm able to continue can I consider it safe? An added bonus?

I strongly advocate 'breast-is-best' for babies because formula is FAR inferior and creates a lot of 'hidden' problems, even obesity issues later in life. I do understand if your heart is not in it, then it will not work for you.

hCG is pregnancy hormone. Nothing else. I nursed while pregnant and many other moms have done the same. I'm not sure if milk supply will dwindle or not. For me, I was unable to eat enough calories while pregnant to keep up my milk supply. But that has been an issue for me with 4 of my babies. The last child (#5) I was able to nurse for 18 months without supplementing!

3) Do you think I need to go through an HCG clinc or is it safe to order items/HCG online? I had to give myself heparin shots 2x daily during pregnancies so i am very comfortable with shots. I'm more concerned about getting the right products if I order through a Canadian pharm... any thoughts?

It is very costly to do the protocol thru a clinic, and if your weight is within normal limits you will not be approved for this protocol by a clinic. This is sad because there are a LOT of people who appear to be thin but are considered obese if you look at the amt of abnormal fat they have. Anorexic people are typically 65% body fat... that's considered severely obese!

The links I have to the right of my blog can direct you to a safe company that guarantees your shipment. There are some companies that sell animal hcg instead of human hcg. And some may be cheaper but will not guarantee your shipment if it gets stopped or lost at customs or gets damaged. The link I have provided will guarantee your product or they will ship again.

Thanks so much for helping me w/my questions. I haven't been able to find a relialbe source online to answer my questions/concerns.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Amy! I'm so glad you are able to glean good information from my blog! My goal is to do just that!

Camping is over

We had a blast camping this weekend. Hubby & I stopped hcg last Monday to be able to enjoy our weekend easier. We stuck as close to p3 protocol as possible. P3 is a stabalizing period of eating proteins and fruits & veggies at 2500-3000 calories. We cooked everything over the campfire and the others let hubby & myself be in charge of the food most of the time. It was very kind of them to be as accommodating to our protocol as they were! We did deviate some, but we also expected it to happen so we were able to relax & enjoy ourselves. Our gains are up a bit, but I think mine is mostly water since I wasn't able to drink like I wanted to on our packing up & driving home day. I was in a flare & didn't have the energy to run to the bathroom all day either.

Today I am doing an egg day to get this water-weight off & get my body to my last hcg weight.

We are considering starting hcg tomorrow, but we'll see what happens on the morrow!