Monday, August 18, 2008

starvation is not good

I found out today that I was mistaken in my assumption when I learned that sublingual users only absorb half of the hcg... so I figured maybe I absorbed it all & only needed half... oops!

I was corrected and found that my lack of hunger was actually starvation mode. So I started taking .125 ml (totaling 125IU) and started to GAIN!! I am freaking out, but this is a normal response when being starved. My body is hoarding what I eat.. which is why I got fat in the long haul!!

Hubby is doing great and continuing his decline down. Today he said he is really tired of the restricted diet but will go a bit longer to try to finish. He thinks he is only 10 lbs away from goal. I think he may be further because he has lost a lot of muscle during his military retirement. This is exactly what happened to me... last time I was this weight.. I was much smaller and has a LOT less fat on my belly... Right now it seems like I can easily lose 4 inches more of fat. Once I"m done & able to exercize, I'm sure I'll go up in weight again. I don't care about the numbers as much as the fat that I have!

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