Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starting again

I'm calling this new start Round 3, but it's not really a 3rd round because my break was only several days. But my stats are getting pretty long so I'm starting anew.

There's a storm brewing in our area and I'm in a spondy flare. I hope it goes away by tomorrow because I seem to retain water when my joints are in so much pain. I've been peeing buckets today so I'm hoping to see good losses tomorrow. I'm 2 lbs over last hcg weight which is a good thing. I'm very anxious to get this protocol completed so I can start my life a new person! It is soooo close......

Hubby started anew today as well. So hopefully he'll be finished in a couple weeks! He is anxious to start working out & running again. Ready to get buffed again like in his Marine Corps days! I can't wait to see him fit his uniform again!! hubba hubba!!

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