Friday, August 1, 2008

Sliding again!

Today I went down 2 lbs..... I am 1.2 away from seeing my first 40 lbs GONE!!!!! Squeeeeeeee! This is phenominal!! I am feeling more confident, sexy & happy... amazing how the fat took so much away from me! Hubby is just melting away too! He's down 21 lbs already..pfwhew.... simply amazing. I'll probably take pictures when I hit the 40 lb mark, which will only be 10 lbs difference from my last pic taken. But it will be interesting to see what the changes, if any, are.

I'm shocked I lost so much because I went to the beach yesterday & got BURNED!!! I was conscious to drink a lot, hoping my body wouldn't retain too much to heal the burn. I am also swollen from an impending weather change... my joints are very stiff today. Feels like someone beat me to a pulp..... sigh... but it shall lessen soon...

I'm still curious to see what my ending weight will be. I set it at 140.. thinking I'd stop at 150 considering I went to boot camp at that weight and was very thin.... who knows? This protocol completely re-shapes & the losses are sooo different. I've been able to hang onto my old clothes, which is odd that 40 lbs later, I can still wear my size 12 shorts. Last time I was 170, I fit into a tight 10. But I also think that today's sizes are different than 7 years ago too... My 14/16 shirts are waaaaay to large & pretty gappy.

I went to JCPenny the other day & found a MEDIUM fits decently!!! Oh my goodness!!! A MEDIUM!!!! It's been AGES since I've fit into a medium because the backfat & fat arms & bosom kept me in larges always. I'm sooooo excited to see that arm fat going away!!!!

I've found my once-a-day dose of .125 suits me just fine. I only have hunger in the morning and by evening... cannot eat my whole dinner. I've been drinking a lot of crushed-ice smoothies which has really kept me satiated quite well. Our air conditioner is on the fritz right now so it gets sweltering in the house. Those ice smoothies are very refreshing! I'm so glad my girlfriend got me started at her house!! Lots of crushed ice blendered with a tad of strawberries & raw honey (not store bought since many brands have corn syrup in them and don't have to be labeled!). I haven't tried cinnamon & apples yet but will the next trip to purchase apples.

For those MANY that are watching my blog, do not be afraid to contact me with questions or concerns. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge & help as I make this journey to health.

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