Friday, August 22, 2008

New day after loading

I started VLCD today after a couple of high fat load days. Felt so much better today I believe I'm ready to get this weight off!! So this post will be short & sweet!


journey said...

Trudi I did one round of HCG. But after 10 days, I was still so hungry I couldn't take it. I knew I couldn't last so I gave up.

I had diarrhea before during and after I stopped the HCG injections, and still do as of today.

I'm feeling a bit crushed that the HCG didn't curb my appetite or make me feel better.

That is why I started this thread:

I'm trying to figure out what is causing the diarrhea, I'm hoping it's NOT cheese... Don't know why I would suddenly start having a reaction to cheese or any other food... Maybe I just need some Kombucha!

Trudi said...

I responded via email. I'm so sorry to hear of your problems! Make sure you bring your concerns to the group and you'll get more info from the more experienced. I've experienced a lot of hunger my first round because I am filled with empty fat. My doc suggested to up the protein a bit & make sure I eat a LOT of veggies. If you've had diarrhea before hcg & still now, then your body is having issues probably not related to hcg. Some people are used to being so constipated that anything different is considered diarrhea when in fact, our bowel movements should be very loose (not watery) to be considered healthy.

Also, cheese is not allowed while on protocol. Preservative-free Cottage cheese (Daisy brand) is allowed for those that do not eat meat or are fatigued from eating the meat choices.