Thursday, August 28, 2008

My face changes

I've decided to post pictures of the change in my face since I've lost 40 lbs.
Photobucket Photobucket

Can you see any changes? Some days I can't tell & other days I can see them! Such goofiness of my mind! LOL!

I've slowly been losing this week, but TOM is expected any day now. I keep forgetting to post our changes here... but our tickers are correct. I'm still not at my last hcg weight, but I know I'm losing inches right now so I'm not worried. My body has to get thru these changes since the starvation mode last couple of weeks on my last round of protocol.

For those that are new, make sure you read Pounds & Inches to better understand this wonderfully unique protocol.

I'm so very happy with the subtle changes in my body. I'm becoming more pert & petite! woohoo!

Last week I purchased a pair of size 10 capris and they were tight. I had a bad case of muffin top happening, but I got then anyway. I washed & hung them in the closet to wait until I lost more poundage. Yesterday I saw them & thought, heck, why not try them just to see... and found.. my muffin top... was.. GONE!!! well, just barely pooching at the waistband.. but they FIT after being washed!! WOWZA!!!

yeah!!! I'm getting my perky back!!


dee said...

which do you think works better ? Sublingual or shots


dee said...

Do you think that the shots work better or sublingual ?

Trudi said...

Hi Dee! I can't say if injections work better than subligual. You do use more hcg with sublingual, but you spend more money on the needles and extra items for sterility.

journey said...


"Journey", I shipped your kombucha culture on Tuesday via priority mail. Hopefully you'll have it tomorrow or Friday. Do you need the instructions? I have them in a Word Document if you need them I"ll need your email. I did post the directions in the forum wherever that is.....

Thank you dearheart. It's Thursday and my tea is cooling. If the Kombucha arrives today or tomorrow I'll be ready. If no started tea is included with the Kombucha you sent, I don't think it will work from all I have read.

I've watched videos and have read many sites about how to brew.

This one:

is my favorite. Do your directions have additional insights? If so sure email them to me!

I've been under the weather so to speak... so not very active on the boards as of late.


Amy Ohlson said...

Trudi- 1st of all Congratulations on all your success! Weight loss is never an "easy" journey but it sounds like you are doing very well!

I have a couple questions about the HCG diet that I'm hoping you can help me with- or at least just give me your opinion...

1) I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and the extra 25 lbs left is driving me crazy- call me impatient, but I've got to get it OFF! Do you think it's too soon to start HCG?

2) I'm currently breast feeding (actually I'm pumping and bottle feeding) but it's not going all that well- I'm about ready to quit. Do you think I need to quit completly before starting HCG? Or can I just wing it as I go. If I lose my milk then oh well, if I'm able to continue can I consider it safe? An added bonus?

3) Do you think I need to go through an HCG clinc or is it safe to order items/HCG online? I had to give myself heparin shots 2x daily during pregnancies so i am very comfortable with shots. I'm more concerned about getting the right products if I order through a Canadian pharm... any thoughts?

Thanks so much for helping me w/my questions. I haven't been able to find a relialbe source online to answer my questions/concerns.

Keep up the good work!

Jalapeno's Journey said...

Stunning results Trudi! I had never seen these pics! Thanks for everything you do on the forum! I did not realize how busy you are in real life! I have fallen in love with Kombucha. I have been buying raw organic at my health food store, kind of pricey, but the energy it has given me is worth it.