Friday, August 8, 2008

lack of sleep

I truly found this week that lack of sleep will cause losing issues! My 5th child did not respond well to chicken pox and has high night fevers and was up every night. Which caused him to take long last-afternoon naps, which kept him up all night! Today I dn't see any new blisters so I'm hoping he's on the healing end of the virus. I got less interruptions last night and am a bit less tired than I have been all week. I'm hoping to break this stall quickly! The hardest thing is to be on such a limited diet and have no or very small losses!

Hubby is still progressively creeping down and is so happy I talked him into doing protocol with me!! He's getting very anxious to start working out and getting back into shape again. He was a runner in the Marines, but he's not sure his injured knees will alow him to do that anymore. Maybe with the weight off, they'll hurt less. He's got about 10 lbs to lose. He's not sure if he'll stop then or let the hcg go until all his abnormal fat is gone. We'll see when the time comes!

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