Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BICEPS?!!!!! oooooooo!!!!

Hubby was washing his hands yesterday and I walked into the bathroom to chat. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. I squealed when I saw his reflection in the mirror. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! LOOK!!! BICEPS are RIPPLING!!!!!!! I just cannot stop looking at them!!! He is starting to show definition....Yowza!!!! hubba hubba..... My MAN!!!

. . . . . okay... deep breath... calm down..... . . . .

lol! Very nice experience! I cannot wait to see those kind of changes happen in me SOON!! I've heard around 150 it happens in us women. We shall see.

We stopped hcg last Friday. It takes up to 72 hours to get the hcg out of our system. I personally think sublingual is out quicker because I get starving hunger 2 days after.

We're on a short break until Wed or so. Off hcg and eating high protein and fruits & veggies during this time to get our bodies acclimated to more food. This break also helps our metabolism learn to properly burn food we eat instead of storing fat. Taking small breaks are also great to get over a hump of poor losses. It is also a nice way to mentally deal with the protocol.

The first several days off hcg are very uncomfortable for me. It seems like the food just sits like a brick in my belly. Today is the first day I didn't feel constantly bloated.

Tomorrow I will be picking the last blueberries of the season. 40 cents a pound is making me stock up on berries!! I'm making everything I can with them! woohooo!

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