Thursday, August 28, 2008

My face changes

I've decided to post pictures of the change in my face since I've lost 40 lbs.
Photobucket Photobucket

Can you see any changes? Some days I can't tell & other days I can see them! Such goofiness of my mind! LOL!

I've slowly been losing this week, but TOM is expected any day now. I keep forgetting to post our changes here... but our tickers are correct. I'm still not at my last hcg weight, but I know I'm losing inches right now so I'm not worried. My body has to get thru these changes since the starvation mode last couple of weeks on my last round of protocol.

For those that are new, make sure you read Pounds & Inches to better understand this wonderfully unique protocol.

I'm so very happy with the subtle changes in my body. I'm becoming more pert & petite! woohoo!

Last week I purchased a pair of size 10 capris and they were tight. I had a bad case of muffin top happening, but I got then anyway. I washed & hung them in the closet to wait until I lost more poundage. Yesterday I saw them & thought, heck, why not try them just to see... and found.. my muffin top... was.. GONE!!! well, just barely pooching at the waistband.. but they FIT after being washed!! WOWZA!!!

yeah!!! I'm getting my perky back!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

New day after loading

I started VLCD today after a couple of high fat load days. Felt so much better today I believe I'm ready to get this weight off!! So this post will be short & sweet!

Monday, August 18, 2008

starvation is not good

I found out today that I was mistaken in my assumption when I learned that sublingual users only absorb half of the hcg... so I figured maybe I absorbed it all & only needed half... oops!

I was corrected and found that my lack of hunger was actually starvation mode. So I started taking .125 ml (totaling 125IU) and started to GAIN!! I am freaking out, but this is a normal response when being starved. My body is hoarding what I eat.. which is why I got fat in the long haul!!

Hubby is doing great and continuing his decline down. Today he said he is really tired of the restricted diet but will go a bit longer to try to finish. He thinks he is only 10 lbs away from goal. I think he may be further because he has lost a lot of muscle during his military retirement. This is exactly what happened to me... last time I was this weight.. I was much smaller and has a LOT less fat on my belly... Right now it seems like I can easily lose 4 inches more of fat. Once I"m done & able to exercize, I'm sure I'll go up in weight again. I don't care about the numbers as much as the fat that I have!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starting again

I'm calling this new start Round 3, but it's not really a 3rd round because my break was only several days. But my stats are getting pretty long so I'm starting anew.

There's a storm brewing in our area and I'm in a spondy flare. I hope it goes away by tomorrow because I seem to retain water when my joints are in so much pain. I've been peeing buckets today so I'm hoping to see good losses tomorrow. I'm 2 lbs over last hcg weight which is a good thing. I'm very anxious to get this protocol completed so I can start my life a new person! It is soooo close......

Hubby started anew today as well. So hopefully he'll be finished in a couple weeks! He is anxious to start working out & running again. Ready to get buffed again like in his Marine Corps days! I can't wait to see him fit his uniform again!! hubba hubba!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today is my last day of break

I'm not sure I'm ready to go back on hcg!! I have had 1.5 days of no bloating from eating more food! And I'm enjoying the freedom!!! But I'm also anxious to get through to the 150's as quickly as possible! So tomorrow hubby & I are starting hCG and the 500 calorie diet again. We've only taken a few days off so we do not need to load at all.

On an exciting note... I brought my daughter to our chiropractor today & he noticed my losses and was very interested in my journey. He is really the first person to make a big deal of noticing my losses. Other people have told me they could see it in my face and here & there. But never made a deal ... so I have been wondering if it was really that noticeable or if I hadn't changed much in other people's eyes. I'm glad for his kind words because they really made my day!! I'm sure it's all just vanity, but I feel so good & proud of myself!

I've noticed that I have been super tired this whole time off hcg. I don't know if it's my body dealing with lack of sleep from the kids & chicken pox last week or if it's from no hcg. I picked more blueberries today with my friend and helped her make jam & pie filling this evening. So this post will be kept short because I am completely exhausted.

BICEPS?!!!!! oooooooo!!!!

Hubby was washing his hands yesterday and I walked into the bathroom to chat. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. I squealed when I saw his reflection in the mirror. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! LOOK!!! BICEPS are RIPPLING!!!!!!! I just cannot stop looking at them!!! He is starting to show definition....Yowza!!!! hubba hubba..... My MAN!!!

. . . . . okay... deep breath... calm down..... . . . .

lol! Very nice experience! I cannot wait to see those kind of changes happen in me SOON!! I've heard around 150 it happens in us women. We shall see.

We stopped hcg last Friday. It takes up to 72 hours to get the hcg out of our system. I personally think sublingual is out quicker because I get starving hunger 2 days after.

We're on a short break until Wed or so. Off hcg and eating high protein and fruits & veggies during this time to get our bodies acclimated to more food. This break also helps our metabolism learn to properly burn food we eat instead of storing fat. Taking small breaks are also great to get over a hump of poor losses. It is also a nice way to mentally deal with the protocol.

The first several days off hcg are very uncomfortable for me. It seems like the food just sits like a brick in my belly. Today is the first day I didn't feel constantly bloated.

Tomorrow I will be picking the last blueberries of the season. 40 cents a pound is making me stock up on berries!! I'm making everything I can with them! woohooo!

Friday, August 8, 2008

lack of sleep

I truly found this week that lack of sleep will cause losing issues! My 5th child did not respond well to chicken pox and has high night fevers and was up every night. Which caused him to take long last-afternoon naps, which kept him up all night! Today I dn't see any new blisters so I'm hoping he's on the healing end of the virus. I got less interruptions last night and am a bit less tired than I have been all week. I'm hoping to break this stall quickly! The hardest thing is to be on such a limited diet and have no or very small losses!

Hubby is still progressively creeping down and is so happy I talked him into doing protocol with me!! He's getting very anxious to start working out and getting back into shape again. He was a runner in the Marines, but he's not sure his injured knees will alow him to do that anymore. Maybe with the weight off, they'll hurt less. He's got about 10 lbs to lose. He's not sure if he'll stop then or let the hcg go until all his abnormal fat is gone. We'll see when the time comes!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Down 40

I'm 40 lbs down today... since I didn't know to the .2 degree when I started, I'm not sure if I was 203.2 or.4 or.6, etc.. so for all sense I'm saying I'm 40 lbs down today. I posted updated pictures to the right. Only 10 lbs difference since last pictures, so not a huge change to see.

My kids are breaking out with chicken pox. 3 of the 5 have spots and just waiting for the rest. So far everyone is in decent spirits as they deal with being sick.

Otherwise I'm happily resisting temptations much better and am anxious that I'm getting closer & closer to my goal!! I may be only 20 lbs or so away!! That just astounds me! In less than 3 months, I've lost 40 lbs!! SQUEEEEEE!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

no goal today

Well, I've not hit ths 40 lbs mark today. I'm a little disappointed, but ok with it. My body is still swollen from the spondy flare so maybe that's it. Or my body is adjusting from the recent large losses. I'm up a bit today, but it could be constipation weight too.

I may not be updating as much the next while because 2 of my kids have the chicken pox today. I suspected one yesterday with his fever & not feeling good. Today they're in a decent mood. So we'll see what happens. I've got 5 kids and only 2 were vaccinated years ago, so I'm really hoping they'll all get it this year.

Hubby is down again today & is very happy he's on a losing roll again.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sliding again!

Today I went down 2 lbs..... I am 1.2 away from seeing my first 40 lbs GONE!!!!! Squeeeeeeee! This is phenominal!! I am feeling more confident, sexy & happy... amazing how the fat took so much away from me! Hubby is just melting away too! He's down 21 lbs already..pfwhew.... simply amazing. I'll probably take pictures when I hit the 40 lb mark, which will only be 10 lbs difference from my last pic taken. But it will be interesting to see what the changes, if any, are.

I'm shocked I lost so much because I went to the beach yesterday & got BURNED!!! I was conscious to drink a lot, hoping my body wouldn't retain too much to heal the burn. I am also swollen from an impending weather change... my joints are very stiff today. Feels like someone beat me to a pulp..... sigh... but it shall lessen soon...

I'm still curious to see what my ending weight will be. I set it at 140.. thinking I'd stop at 150 considering I went to boot camp at that weight and was very thin.... who knows? This protocol completely re-shapes & the losses are sooo different. I've been able to hang onto my old clothes, which is odd that 40 lbs later, I can still wear my size 12 shorts. Last time I was 170, I fit into a tight 10. But I also think that today's sizes are different than 7 years ago too... My 14/16 shirts are waaaaay to large & pretty gappy.

I went to JCPenny the other day & found a MEDIUM fits decently!!! Oh my goodness!!! A MEDIUM!!!! It's been AGES since I've fit into a medium because the backfat & fat arms & bosom kept me in larges always. I'm sooooo excited to see that arm fat going away!!!!

I've found my once-a-day dose of .125 suits me just fine. I only have hunger in the morning and by evening... cannot eat my whole dinner. I've been drinking a lot of crushed-ice smoothies which has really kept me satiated quite well. Our air conditioner is on the fritz right now so it gets sweltering in the house. Those ice smoothies are very refreshing! I'm so glad my girlfriend got me started at her house!! Lots of crushed ice blendered with a tad of strawberries & raw honey (not store bought since many brands have corn syrup in them and don't have to be labeled!). I haven't tried cinnamon & apples yet but will the next trip to purchase apples.

For those MANY that are watching my blog, do not be afraid to contact me with questions or concerns. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge & help as I make this journey to health.