Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taking a mini-break

Today I am exactly the same. Which is surprising since I was unable to eat a proper lunch. I did get some good magnesium and took it at noon. It didn't work until dinner time. Boy am I glad it worked!! I took a LOT so I'm sure I retained some water weight as well. Last night I remembered I forgot to take the hCG all day. That's fine. I could have kept going today, but decided to take a mini-break. At least until Wednesday. Eat some fresh fruits & veggies & different protein. Maybe it will push me thru this slow month.

So I need to eat very low calorie until tomorrow (72 hours) to get the hcg out of my system completely. Then I will eat more normal until Wed. Or until I feel like I need to get started again. I'm very frustrated because I was expecting to be in the 150's by now.

I do have pictures of me when I started & pics of me 32 lbs lighter HERE for those who are interested in seeing how the hCG changes & shapes our bodies!

Hubby's doing very well and keeps on constantly losing. He's down to 18.6 lbs lost.

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