Thursday, July 24, 2008

Response to a comment from Carolynkitty

My response to a comment from Carolyn:

Welcome!! So glad to see another one become a 'loser' on the hcg protocol!!

You could be experiencing a period of hunger because your body is burning empty fat calories. Or your mixture could be off...

I mix:
5 ml vodka and 5 ml water to my 5000IU hcg.

no colloidal silver or b12 is really necessary. Some do but only a little bit. Watch labels because MOST b12 has fructose sugar in it.

With the 10ml total mix, the drawing solution is easy to figure out with the math... on a 1ml syringe,
125 (or 12 on an insulin syringe) = 65 IU per dose, 125 IU daily>>> start with this one
.15 cc (or 15 on an insulin syringe) = 75 IU per dose = 150 IU daily
.2 cc (or 20 on an insulin syringe) = 100 IU per dose = 200 IU daily
.25 cc (or 25 on an insulin syringe) = 125 IU per dose = 250 IU daily
.3 cc (or 30 on an insulin syringe) = 150 IU per dose = 300 IU daily


It looks like your total liquid measurement is 20ml, so then your doseage would be:
250 IUs per mL. For a 125 IU dose, you would pull 0.5 mL of mixture into your syringe.

If you want to stay at 20ml total mixture I've found one person who is a chemist or something like that said he uses 17ml water, 3ml vodka. I've learned the more vodka you use, the more it will absorb.
And sublingual doses need to be held under your tongue for 10 minutes... not all gets absorbed which is why people say to take hcg twice a day sublingual. But it all depends upon how long you hold it to absorb it.

This last week I remembered to hold it as long as possible & I've noticed my hunger is down and I have reduced my doseage to 125 and am doing fine. I'd hat to waste it so I'm glad to be at a lower dose.

A LOT of people are night eaters and on protocol end up dealing with night hunger really bad. If you can push thru it and not eat anything, you will tell your body "NO" and soon the hunger habit will stop. I've found that drinking Chamomile tea in the evening helped curb that habit hunger. You have to determine if your hunger is habit hunger or real hunger. There's been a couple times I was growling hungry and ate an egg in the evening. BUT realize that losses in the morning will not be good if you've eaten right before bed.

Well, I hope that has answered your questions!! If not, then I suggest you join the group they have a lot of people to give advice based off their experiences.

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edens_mom said...


Hey, I'm a DS momma. :) I was wondering if in all your research you found any negative reviews on Simeon's protocol? I would like to do some research on people not having success or having complications but a google search mostly renders complaints against Trudeau, which I totally understand. Thanks!