Monday, July 7, 2008

pushing on

We survived the 4th of July weekend with a last minute agreement to go off protocol a bit. We ate hamburgers with buns & had some beer & slush to celebrate that afternoon. It only caused a couple pound gain for us both and we accepted it with grace. I'm still not stable in weight... one time I step on the scale it says 174.8, then I get off and step on again ...140.0.. then again ...135.8 ... so I don't know what is going on. Hubby's weight is the same each time he steps on & off. I think my weight of 172.8 may have been a freak because I haven't really seen that weight all week.. I've been staying at 173.8 usually. So I've not posted weights for myself.

I may also be stalling because of new px meds... nsaid and a muscle relaxor for pain & headaches. I am stopping this week to see if there's a difference. The good thing about the alcohol on the 4th.. it did good for my pain & I remember back in the Navy that it helped back then too! I didn't drink often though, but maybe the side effects of that is better than the side effects of these nasty nsaids that don't work anyway. Oh the joys and trials of life....

I upped my dose to .3 ml 2x a day to see if my hunger goes away. I've been very frustrated about that strange occurance. Not sure if it's a doseage issue or a precious starvation issue. I've been hungry, but eating fills me up quicker than normal, so I know it's working. I've been reading around and found that most sublingual users need higher doses than those that inject. SO I've upped it to .3 and it seems my hunger is abating on day 2. I'm also going to stop eating eggs as a main protein source. They are very easy to make & I like them. I seemed to lose a lot when i ate beef, chicken, tomatoes, asparagus, strawberries & apples. So I'm going to go back to that routine of foods, even though they are not all my favorite. Time to buck up & get on with it to get this weight loss completed sooner than later!

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