Thursday, July 10, 2008

half way there!

Today I'm down another pound. So If my final weight is at 140, then I am exactly Half Way There!! I've been on the VLCD approx. 8 weeks and have lost over 31 lbs. YEA ME!! That is very exciting.
My measurement losses:
~ 3 inches off my chest
~ 4 inches off my ribs (under bosom)
~ 7 inches off my waist
~ 4 inches off my hips

and inches off other parts of my body I haven't measured. So I've lost over 18 inches of fat off my body in 8 weeks!

Hubby's doing well. Slower than he wants but he's still losing. He's dealing with a bit of hunger, but it could be a 'season' during weightloss that some encounter, it could be a wrong dose of hCG. He upped it a couple days. We'll see what happens from here.

I seem to be doing much better at .3 ml two times a day. I'm very pleased.

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