Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FINALLY Down to 169!!

WOOHOOO!! !I'm soo geeked! After WEEKS of stalling & creeping down... I have finally pushed THRU to 169.0 today!!!! YEEEEEEHAWWWWW!!!!! I'm sooo happy!! To NEVER see 170 AGAIN!!!! So now I'm only 1 lb heavier than hubby.

I've been pondering lately with a couple friends that are getting ready to start as well. We've been discussing of the whole paradigm shift of thinking this protocol is.

Anyone can tell you that fat cells NEVER go away. They just shrink or fill up. That's it. End of story. You will always have deflated fat cells hanging & jiggling around after you lose weight. This whole thinking is by everyone.....

But NOT Dr Simeon!! His protocol actually breaks the fat cells down & your body gets RID of them!! How amazing is that? After seeing pictures of people losing 100 lbs and seeing no flabby skin haning is proof. Everyone gets a defined 6-pak ab too when they're done! That is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve if our fat cells only deflate.....

And I've never thought about internal fat. 32 lbs ago I couldn't hold my belly in very much.. it just pouched out. Hubby was the same. Now... pounds later, our bellies are held in sooo easily... Makes me realize how much INTERNAL fat we had!! And it was the first fat to go!

Oh! I just can't get over this whole process. And to think I may actually get lower than the anticipated 140 lbs..... mind boggling!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to get started!

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carolynkittredge said...

I've just started this week. I read your reply on hcgjourney site answering a question about dosage and being hungry. I wasn't hungry on loading days. I ate fatty foods like a pig first day. Second day I ended up having "D" from so much rich foods. So I didn't eat as much but did eat all fatty stuff. My question is I'm taking .5cc,(mixture: 5000IU, 2ml Colloidal Silver, 13 ml B12), I saw you say you do .3ml. I'm hungry since on VLCD and I wondered if you ever did as much as I'm doing and dropped down to .3 ml? I was going to increase my dosage but unsure what to do? I'm really uncomfortable can't sleep tonight being hungry with a slight headache and leg pain. I also wondered if it's ok to take Advil when having pain? Does it slow down weight loss?
Thank you for your help...