Friday, July 18, 2008

Can I go any slower?

ARGH!! I am only just CREEPING towards 169!!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!! Time to go get a HUGE bottle of magnesium to get the intestines flowing. I'm sure I'll lose a TON tomorrow!! LOL!

I'm right at 170.0 today. Hubby is at 167.8. He is doing GREAT!!! He's gone from a tight 36 pants to a lose 34.... and still shrinking!! wowza!!

Magnesium info I learned:

Magnesium is deficient in our food and causes a LOT of joint pain, concentration & memory problems, adhd, constipation, restless leg syndrome, muscle twitches, insomnia, and so on...

Magnesium citrate is the least absorbed by our bodies, thus makes BM's moveable.
Orotate is the BEST absorbed (but expensive). Next is Oxide, and the others. You want a nice combo to keep intestines moving & to absorb enough into your body for the other good benefits of this trace mineral.

You want enough Magnesium on this protocol to keep your bowels moving smoothly. Things seemt to get blocked easily with the small amt of food. Gurgling & diarrhea means too much magnesium has been injested. The symptoms go away after a couple hours.

Ok, I'm off to go pick blueberries and will be stopping by the Health Hutt store nearby today to get myself some proper magnesium. I've been choking down epsom salts (not fun), but the last 3 times I've done it have produced no results. Time for something more palatable!

I think I'll get extra & give to the kids. They seem to be having problems concentrating & remembering to get their chores done lately! LOL!

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