Friday, July 25, 2008

Another good question

"I was wondering if in all your research you found any negative reviews on Simeon's protocol? I would like to do some research on people not having success or having complications but a google search mostly renders complaints against Trudeau, which I totally understand. Thanks! "

Well, in all my research I have found the efefcts of this protocol are more profound than just losing is to help change your attitude concerning food.

The success rate depends upon how much you deviate from protocol. The success rate AFTER protocol depends upon if you've changed your eating habits to healthier choices afterwards. I'm pretty sure some people are 'upset' because they have to be conscious of what they eat for the rest of their life... and that if they start gaining again they have to do a steak day or two to get the body back into fat-burning mode. But those people have not had their attitude concerning food changed. Some have gained it all back very quickly too.. but that is because they have not changed their eating lifestyle.

That's not saying that you have to forever eat only organic raw food.. and can NEVER again eat ice cream or a fast food burger,.... all it means is that you cannot ONLY eat that kind of food. You need to listen better to your body & make healthy choices... no longer eating no fat, high starch foods constantly.

Are you going to continue to stress eat? Or eat from boredom? The whole protocol helps open your eyes to these issues and if you've dealt with them while on protocol.. you'll do just fine after protocol!

I hope that answers your question!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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