Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New pants

Hubby had to buy new pants.... he's slimming down soooo fast!!! He started at a tight 36 pants, and now is in a nicely fitting 33... but not for long!! I never realized how the fat slowly accrued on his body too. Almost unnoticeable until the hCG starts working & to see the back-fat jiggle is very exciting!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Naughty weekend

We had a fantastic weekend with a new friend... and ended up eating off protocol a tad. So I gained, hubby stalled. My gain could also be from monthy cycle time which causes water weight too... So I'm fine with it all right now. Hubby is shocked he didn't gain.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another good question

"I was wondering if in all your research you found any negative reviews on Simeon's protocol? I would like to do some research on people not having success or having complications but a google search mostly renders complaints against Trudeau, which I totally understand. Thanks! "

Well, in all my research I have found the efefcts of this protocol are more profound than just losing weight....it is to help change your attitude concerning food.

The success rate depends upon how much you deviate from protocol. The success rate AFTER protocol depends upon if you've changed your eating habits to healthier choices afterwards. I'm pretty sure some people are 'upset' because they have to be conscious of what they eat for the rest of their life... and that if they start gaining again they have to do a steak day or two to get the body back into fat-burning mode. But those people have not had their attitude concerning food changed. Some have gained it all back very quickly too.. but that is because they have not changed their eating lifestyle.

That's not saying that you have to forever eat only organic raw food.. and can NEVER again eat ice cream or a fast food burger,.... all it means is that you cannot ONLY eat that kind of food. You need to listen better to your body & make healthy choices... no longer eating no fat, high starch foods constantly.

Are you going to continue to stress eat? Or eat from boredom? The whole protocol helps open your eyes to these issues and if you've dealt with them while on protocol.. you'll do just fine after protocol!

I hope that answers your question!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Response to a comment from Carolynkitty

My response to a comment from Carolyn:

Welcome!! So glad to see another one become a 'loser' on the hcg protocol!!

You could be experiencing a period of hunger because your body is burning empty fat calories. Or your mixture could be off...

I mix:
5 ml vodka and 5 ml water to my 5000IU hcg.

no colloidal silver or b12 is really necessary. Some do but only a little bit. Watch labels because MOST b12 has fructose sugar in it.

With the 10ml total mix, the drawing solution is easy to figure out with the math... on a 1ml syringe,
125 (or 12 on an insulin syringe) = 65 IU per dose, 125 IU daily>>> start with this one
.15 cc (or 15 on an insulin syringe) = 75 IU per dose = 150 IU daily
.2 cc (or 20 on an insulin syringe) = 100 IU per dose = 200 IU daily
.25 cc (or 25 on an insulin syringe) = 125 IU per dose = 250 IU daily
.3 cc (or 30 on an insulin syringe) = 150 IU per dose = 300 IU daily


It looks like your total liquid measurement is 20ml, so then your doseage would be:
250 IUs per mL. For a 125 IU dose, you would pull 0.5 mL of mixture into your syringe.

If you want to stay at 20ml total mixture I've found one person who is a chemist or something like that said he uses 17ml water, 3ml vodka. I've learned the more vodka you use, the more it will absorb.
And sublingual doses need to be held under your tongue for 10 minutes... not all gets absorbed which is why people say to take hcg twice a day sublingual. But it all depends upon how long you hold it to absorb it.

This last week I remembered to hold it as long as possible & I've noticed my hunger is down and I have reduced my doseage to 125 and am doing fine. I'd hat to waste it so I'm glad to be at a lower dose.

A LOT of people are night eaters and on protocol end up dealing with night hunger really bad. If you can push thru it and not eat anything, you will tell your body "NO" and soon the hunger habit will stop. I've found that drinking Chamomile tea in the evening helped curb that habit hunger. You have to determine if your hunger is habit hunger or real hunger. There's been a couple times I was growling hungry and ate an egg in the evening. BUT realize that losses in the morning will not be good if you've eaten right before bed.

Well, I hope that has answered your questions!! If not, then I suggest you join the group www.myhcgjourney.com they have a lot of people to give advice based off their experiences.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FINALLY Down to 169!!

WOOHOOO!! !I'm soo geeked! After WEEKS of stalling & creeping down... I have finally pushed THRU to 169.0 today!!!! YEEEEEEHAWWWWW!!!!! I'm sooo happy!! To NEVER see 170 AGAIN!!!! So now I'm only 1 lb heavier than hubby.

I've been pondering lately with a couple friends that are getting ready to start as well. We've been discussing of the whole paradigm shift of thinking this protocol is.

Anyone can tell you that fat cells NEVER go away. They just shrink or fill up. That's it. End of story. You will always have deflated fat cells hanging & jiggling around after you lose weight. This whole thinking is by everyone.....

But NOT Dr Simeon!! His protocol actually breaks the fat cells down & your body gets RID of them!! How amazing is that? After seeing pictures of people losing 100 lbs and seeing no flabby skin haning is proof. Everyone gets a defined 6-pak ab too when they're done! That is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve if our fat cells only deflate.....

And I've never thought about internal fat. 32 lbs ago I couldn't hold my belly in very much.. it just pouched out. Hubby was the same. Now... pounds later, our bellies are held in sooo easily... Makes me realize how much INTERNAL fat we had!! And it was the first fat to go!

Oh! I just can't get over this whole process. And to think I may actually get lower than the anticipated 140 lbs..... mind boggling!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to get started!

Monday, July 21, 2008

On the 'road' again

I felt soooo bloated yesterday and didn't even eat much. Found the magnesium worked by this morning and I lost a couple pounds!! LOL! pfwhew! I decided my mind is back in the game and I'm cutting my break off short.... I started hcg again today. Hopefully the couple day break will help me break this stall at 170 lbs!! I'm sooo anxious to see 169 & lower!! My weight this morning (before the daily duty event) was 171.2. Hubby took a short break with me too. His cravings were getting bad (like mine) but after yesterday's gain, he decided to keep going. It sounds suspiciously like he's enjoying seeing his losses! LOL! So we're back on track today.

I started all my kids on the magnesium too... After I bought it for me, I remembered that it helps with adhd issues & helps calm kids down. Today it is starting to work on the older ones to calm down & help them sleep better. The older ones are letting me know. It is good to see them not so touchy with each other today! The younger ones started this morning, so it will be a couple days before they get enough into their system to notice a difference. THANK YOU MAGNESIUM!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taking a mini-break

Today I am exactly the same. Which is surprising since I was unable to eat a proper lunch. I did get some good magnesium and took it at noon. It didn't work until dinner time. Boy am I glad it worked!! I took a LOT so I'm sure I retained some water weight as well. Last night I remembered I forgot to take the hCG all day. That's fine. I could have kept going today, but decided to take a mini-break. At least until Wednesday. Eat some fresh fruits & veggies & different protein. Maybe it will push me thru this slow month.

So I need to eat very low calorie until tomorrow (72 hours) to get the hcg out of my system completely. Then I will eat more normal until Wed. Or until I feel like I need to get started again. I'm very frustrated because I was expecting to be in the 150's by now.

I do have pictures of me when I started & pics of me 32 lbs lighter HERE for those who are interested in seeing how the hCG changes & shapes our bodies!

Hubby's doing very well and keeps on constantly losing. He's down to 18.6 lbs lost.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Can I go any slower?

ARGH!! I am only just CREEPING towards 169!!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!! Time to go get a HUGE bottle of magnesium to get the intestines flowing. I'm sure I'll lose a TON tomorrow!! LOL!

I'm right at 170.0 today. Hubby is at 167.8. He is doing GREAT!!! He's gone from a tight 36 pants to a lose 34.... and still shrinking!! wowza!!

Magnesium info I learned:

Magnesium is deficient in our food and causes a LOT of joint pain, concentration & memory problems, adhd, constipation, restless leg syndrome, muscle twitches, insomnia, and so on...

Magnesium citrate is the least absorbed by our bodies, thus makes BM's moveable.
Orotate is the BEST absorbed (but expensive). Next is Oxide, and the others. You want a nice combo to keep intestines moving & to absorb enough into your body for the other good benefits of this trace mineral.

You want enough Magnesium on this protocol to keep your bowels moving smoothly. Things seemt to get blocked easily with the small amt of food. Gurgling & diarrhea means too much magnesium has been injested. The symptoms go away after a couple hours.

Ok, I'm off to go pick blueberries and will be stopping by the Health Hutt store nearby today to get myself some proper magnesium. I've been choking down epsom salts (not fun), but the last 3 times I've done it have produced no results. Time for something more palatable!

I think I'll get extra & give to the kids. They seem to be having problems concentrating & remembering to get their chores done lately! LOL!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's finally ahead

Hubby is finally smaller than me again.... sigh... but knowing how much easier men lose, I was expecting it. My goal was to see the 160's before him, but that's ok. I've hit another bump in the road... ovulation moment & again... constipation.

I took measurements hoping... and found I have lost 3 inches!

_____5/8 ___6/18 ___7/3 ___ 7/16
height... 64" ..... 64".......64" .......64"
weight...203 ......179......172.8 ......170.6
chest......44" ..... 43" .....41" ...... 40
ribs.........38" ..... 37"......34 ..... 34
waist.......42" .... 38"......35 ....... 34
hips.........45" .....42.......41 ......40
that makes a total of 21 total inches on the measured parts (not including arms, legs, neck, etc)

so it is good to see things are still slimming down. Now if I could only get the intestines to clean out I'd feel MUCH better & I'm sure lose even more! LOL!

I haven't talked to hubby yet this morning but his stats were blaring at me on the paper in the bathroom... 168.8! Yea! He made it to the 160's!! I HOPE tomorrow I'll be there too.... I'm again going thru a very squichy & blubbery time so I hope it's leaving soon! I'd like to be down before the summer is out! It's funny how I was planning on being in the 150's by this time. I NEVER expected to be stalled for so long or going so slow. My first 4 weeks were astounding losses! And to compare pounds loss is depressing. But really, it's not always about the pounds, but about the inches as well!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Holy Cow Batman!!

Dennis lost 2.2 lbs after quite a while losing only tiny amounts each day!! That's even after drinking a beer last night!! We both had to do eggs all day because we were tired of stead and had nothing else to eat for protein. So eggs was the choice.

I was thinking yesterday about how close we are getting ... then remembered there is a 5lb(or more) difference between our digital scale & our analogue scale. The digital runs heavier. So we may be even closer than we thought!!! I might possibly already be in the 160's!!! I"m so pleased to have hit 170.6 today....I am constantly hitting numbers I haven't seen in 7 years! My 3rd pregnancy started around here and I was forced to gain 30 or more pounds the last half of the pregnancy. I went into pre-term labor at 20 weeks and the midwives told me I HAD to eat to keep the baby in. Had to eat a LOT of protein too. So I blew up horribly. Ended up delivering only a month early (which is usual for me) and she did fine. We just found out she's got Turner's Syndrome ,though, which is a common genetic defect in today's day.

Oh wow... I went back a bit there! LOL! So today I'm celebrating I have only 2 pregnancies to get off!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

half way there!

Today I'm down another pound. So If my final weight is at 140, then I am exactly Half Way There!! I've been on the VLCD approx. 8 weeks and have lost over 31 lbs. YEA ME!! That is very exciting.
My measurement losses:
~ 3 inches off my chest
~ 4 inches off my ribs (under bosom)
~ 7 inches off my waist
~ 4 inches off my hips

and inches off other parts of my body I haven't measured. So I've lost over 18 inches of fat off my body in 8 weeks!

Hubby's doing well. Slower than he wants but he's still losing. He's dealing with a bit of hunger, but it could be a 'season' during weightloss that some encounter, it could be a wrong dose of hCG. He upped it a couple days. We'll see what happens from here.

I seem to be doing much better at .3 ml two times a day. I'm very pleased.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

going down again

It seems that we've both recovered from the holiday weekend and are back to good losses. The standard is that you will take 3 days to revover from a cheat. I'm finally down to that elusive 172 that sneaked on my scale recently.... so officially I've lost 30.2 lbs.

In the spirit of reducing our weight, we are in the process of reducing our 'stuff' and I am posting on ebay for those that may be interested in bidding: dufresnet9. We need some extra to make repairs on our house.

Monday, July 7, 2008

pushing on

We survived the 4th of July weekend with a last minute agreement to go off protocol a bit. We ate hamburgers with buns & had some beer & slush to celebrate that afternoon. It only caused a couple pound gain for us both and we accepted it with grace. I'm still not stable in weight... one time I step on the scale it says 174.8, then I get off and step on again ...140.0.. then again ...135.8 ... so I don't know what is going on. Hubby's weight is the same each time he steps on & off. I think my weight of 172.8 may have been a freak because I haven't really seen that weight all week.. I've been staying at 173.8 usually. So I've not posted weights for myself.

I may also be stalling because of new px meds... nsaid and a muscle relaxor for pain & headaches. I am stopping this week to see if there's a difference. The good thing about the alcohol on the 4th.. it did good for my pain & I remember back in the Navy that it helped back then too! I didn't drink often though, but maybe the side effects of that is better than the side effects of these nasty nsaids that don't work anyway. Oh the joys and trials of life....

I upped my dose to .3 ml 2x a day to see if my hunger goes away. I've been very frustrated about that strange occurance. Not sure if it's a doseage issue or a precious starvation issue. I've been hungry, but eating fills me up quicker than normal, so I know it's working. I've been reading around and found that most sublingual users need higher doses than those that inject. SO I've upped it to .3 and it seems my hunger is abating on day 2. I'm also going to stop eating eggs as a main protein source. They are very easy to make & I like them. I seemed to lose a lot when i ate beef, chicken, tomatoes, asparagus, strawberries & apples. So I'm going to go back to that routine of foods, even though they are not all my favorite. Time to buck up & get on with it to get this weight loss completed sooner than later!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

still stuck

Well, it's been several days & I've been at a stall. A little frustrating, since my eyes wanted to see the 160's on the scale this week. I measured myself this morning and noticed that the hCG is still working! I've lost inches instead of pounds! PFWHEW! I'm starting to be more proportionate!!! Nice & curvy.... Here's my newest stats on inches (nice:41-35-41!!)YES!! That backfat is nearly GONE!!:
______5/8 ____6/18 __6/3
height... 64" ..... 64".......64"
weight...203 ......179......172.8
chest......44" ....43" .....41"
waist......42" .... 38".....35"
hips.......45" .....42......41"

Hubby had a slight gain and then lost this morning. It might have been because of a dinner meeting.. he ate broccoli and maybe there was butter or something extra on it or on the steak he ate. His belly is noticeable decreasing. Very exciting to see!