Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I'm 0.4 away from being at my 30 lbs lost! woohoo! I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be there. How exciting.. in 37 days, I've lost 30 lbs! That's not including the load days. That's pretty impressive to me! Right now I'm in between sizes and am waiting to go down a little bit more. I'm ok with my shirts being too big for now. I'm too cheap to get new clothes that fit now if I'm going to be out of them within a couple weeks!
I think I missed my hCG dose this morning and I was not really hungry all day. I think it happened last time too. My idea is tomorrow to go with a much smaller dose (under 125 iu) to see if that is better for me. It is so hard to know the right dose because I don't know if my hunger is from 'starvation-dieting' previous or if it's from my hCG dose. I've been giving different doses 3 days to see it there's any change. I also am stopping my Armor Thyro meds. I noticed yesterday I was having heart palpatations & wooziness when I'd walk up the stairs or moving heavy things. Today I felt much better. I've heard some people have remissions during the protocol.

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