Thursday, June 12, 2008

P3 day 5

Well, I've been on phase 3 (resting btween injection phase) and I've been surprised I've maintained within the 2 pounds of my last injection weight (LIW). I've not eaten totally according to instructions, mostly because I have a difficult time eating with the summer humidity in the air! I've started drinking pure whey protein shakes from (no starch or sugars added..bleck! not the tastiest of shakes) to help increase my protein intake to keep from metabolizing my muscles and causing an increase of weight. I feel very blubbery again and keep thinking I'm gaining. I think my fat cells are re-adjusting & hopefully loosening for a loss of inches here soon. That would be nice to see! Time to get into a size 10 for sure instead of 12 being too big & a 10 being too tight!

I was able to find a barely fitting 2-piece swim suit to sunbathe in private on my deck. I've not done that in YEARS!! I'm preparing to look fabulous for my much smaller size in the next couple of months..yea! I can almost taste it!

My hcg tracking said the other day that my shipment is at US customs. I'm not sure how long it sits there, but the normal shipping is 3-4 weeks. I ordered May 30th so it looks like I have at least another week on phase 3. I am very anxious to get losing again!

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