Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doing the slide.... what a loser!

Happily my new goal is to focus and try to hit the 160's by Sunday. It's been over 7 years since I've seen that number. Pregnancy #3 put me over. I did get back to the 170's after that child, but then got pregnant 2 more times very quickly after that. I'm so very excited at seeing the numbers slide down! woohoo!

Hubby's on his 3rd day and he's doing exceptionally well with the protocol & being very obedient in the limited food choices. With his rate of losses... I'm sure he'll bet to goal very quickly. One exception... we're doing eggs as a protein choice because we're not huge meat eaters. We also occasionally eat cottage cheese with strawberries and seem to do well on that. We found the Daisy brand, even though it's small curd (we like large curd best) it has no artificial ingredients or starch fillers and tastes very nice. Sometimes we add a forkful to our hamburger & tomatoes to make a lasagna type meal. I add a forkful to salads to make them more palatable for me. I also like doing mandarine oranges on my salad too. I may have to do that one today.

But my happy news is that I think I've found the doseage that is right for me.... I'm doing 250 ml and my hunger is not constant like earlier. I seem to not be quite consumed with eating as I was earlier this week. Pfwhew! I've noticed I'm at a weight where my rings fit like they did when I was thin and no more swelling so bad. I think I'll have to take some measurements again to see if I've lost any more inches.

I found this body fat calculator that is using the formula the US Navy uses:

Using normal BMI calculators are very incorrect for those who have a lot of muscle. Normal BMI says I'm at 31% bodyfat. The Navy one says I'm at 26%. Here's a link to another one that takes more measurements and ends up very close to the Navy one:

they've got an excell spreadsheet link on the top where you can just put in your numbers & the sheet will calculate it for you. Much easier than trying to do all those calculations by yourself!

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