Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 27

Well, today is my last day of injections. I guess I did better than average at 20 lbs lost in 23 days. The average is 15 lbs in 23 days.

I went only 4 weeks, the minimum is 23 days, the average first round is 6 weeks. I have 72 hours of the VLCD (very low calorie diet) and then I must begin to eat the regular amt of calories, not including processed foods or sugars. I must eat a lot of healthy fats, protein, vegies & fruit,while keeping potatoes, corn, peas, etc to a minimum. This is a practice run for my body to start learning how to regulate and metabolize what I eat. The goal is to stay within 2 pounds of my LIW (last injection weight) of 179.8. The protocol says most people will waver up & down the next 3 weeks and will stabalize after that time. I think I will stay on P3 for 3 weeks, depending upon what all happens in that time & if I receive my shippment of hCG in time.

My husband is considering doing a round to get himself back to his weight. He's hoping to be able to fit into his Marine uniform again. I happily weigh less than him!! woohoo!! It was very depressing to know I weighed more than my hubby!! We are also considering trying sublingual hCG to see how that works. Mostly to save money. No needles or syringes to buy. If it doesn't work the same for me as the injections within the first 2 weeks, I'm going back to the needle.

Here's an excellent article about maintenance on P3... . I will post this on the links to the right as well.

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