Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 26

HELLO 170's!!! EEEEEE!! I'm so excited to see the scale show 179.8 today! I was very good last night while eating out. I only ate my tiny steak & only the lettuce from the salad. I had to pick out the cheese. It was soooo tempting to eat just one of my hubby's fries... but I didn't!! Even though I could recover from a slight cheat, I don't want to mess up my hypothalamus and cause massive gain later.

I only have a few days of injections left and I will be taking a planned break until my hCG shipment comes in. Hopefully it will only be a week, maybe two weeks. I'm praying the shipment is FAST & nothing goes wrong!! I'm a little scared to go on protocol 3 where I am to eat MORE, but no sugar or starch to help train my body to keep burning my food instead of storing fat.

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