Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 25

After a hard working weekend that put me on crutches which caused me to stall a day from the muscle soreness... I'm back on the losing slide again! I ate all protein yesterday & drank a lot of water to help flush my system. I'm feeling much better today concerning the pain & stiffness and I'm very excited to be closer & closer to the 170's!! It's been over 4 years since I've seen those numbers right before getting pregnant with child #4. It took me a year of working out at the gym 3x a week to lose 20 lbs and get to the 170's that year earlier. This hCG stuff is so AWESOME!!! To see the tiny things of changes... my ring now can slide off my finger... my belly sucks IN when laying on my back instead of being a blob of jelly, my hands & wrists are not puffy and I can feel the bones, the muffin-top effect of my belly over my pants is decreasing and not sticking out so much, my face is changing and I'm starting to look like I did years ago.... I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

To feel happy when I look in the mirror.. well, that's a blessing & a miracle.

Thanks for your comment, Victoria. I am greatly watching you & your husband reach your complete goal any day now. How exciting that must be for the both of you! To be at the END of this journey!! woohoo!!

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