Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 2 R2

Today is my 2nd day on the VLCD. I was happy to see over 2 lbs lost since yesterday since I knew my body was releasing.. I was peeing buckets again. I may have slowed myself down a tad by working outside moving cut down tree branches & logs. Today I think I'll take it a bit easier and not push so hard to give my hip a rest as well.... But then again, I have a difficult time slowing down on the days I have the energy to do work!

Again, if you're at all interested in learning more about this protocol.. visit the forum www.myhcgjourney.com and ask questions there. A lot of people have been doing this for a year or so to lose 100 lbs and are still having success. I know a lot of people frown on such a radical procedure because our general thoughts on weight-loss are so skewed by the thoughts 'if you'd only exercise more and eat less...' and '500 calories is NOT safe!' and so on...but they don't understand the whole synergy of this medical protocol that was studied & researched 50 years ago and only now has come to America. It's about resetting a damaged hypothalamus gland. For those that overeat for other reasons, then this protocol will also help bring to light those reasons so they can be dealt with. So if you're reading and you're skeptical.. do not look at this as just another diet plan that will put on more weight when you're done. This is a scientific medical protocol to set things right for your future. You will have the tools to keep your weight of for the rest of your lfe.


Two Doves in Texas said...

You go girl on a great release. You're going to have such a good round. Some say sublingual is even better absorbed dear lady.

Now on the trees and tree limbs - take it easy on yourself sweetie!

Have a great releasing evening and do get some sleep in between bathroom trips!



Trudi said...

yeah!! I'm so happy to be on this protocol!! I'm happy to be waking up so much to get rid of fat!!! With 5 kids... well, nights still aren't uninterrupted anyway.