Monday, May 12, 2008

Starting my Journal... 5 days late!

Since I started journaling before setting this blog up, I have my first 5 days included here....

I have nearly 50 lbs to lose and thought I'd share my journey with those interested!

Since continual weight gain after each pregnancy, I have done nearly everything to lose weight .. Restricting calories has only caused me to gain more weight. "Starvation Reflex" is what I've been told and have never been able to get out of it. Depression, pain of a spinal arthritis and fatigue have been my constant companions with the ever creeping weight gain. I think having 5 pregnancies helped too!!

So I found this new clinic called Born Preventative Health (Grand Rapids, MI area) because I got a hold of my blood labs from last year & really started looking at the results. "I think I have low thyroid problems.. " I told my doc. She was shocked that I have never been treated and immediately started me on Armor Thyro (a natural hypothyroid med). She also had some more labs & an adrenal test done. Results came back this past Wed. Found I have Hashimoto's disease which is an auto-immune low thyroid problem. My adrenals were fine and I was low on some hormone & minerals, all which help contribute to my problems.

"What can I do to get my body out of starvation mode?" I asked, not thinking I'd get an answer, again...

"Have you ever heard of Kevin Trudeau's book: Weight loss cure?" Yup, I've seen his ads and thought it was just another thing to buy and not have it work. My doc told me she has started using the program on many patients after seeing success with people that have seen her and requested the hCG shots. She started investigating it further and even tried it on herself. So far she says she has never seen it fail to be a permanent weight loss cure.

The problem with overweight people is they have a hypothalamus gland disfunction. It is telling the body to store fat, no matter what they eat and studies of MANY years have proven that a protocol of at least 6 weeks of daily shots of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) with a low calorie diet will help our body burn the excess fat & keep hunger pains down. While keeping the structural fat intact. Dieting is bad because it causes our structural fat & muscle to get used, leaving the other fat behind. There's a specific protocol of eating & shots that will help re-set the hypothalamus to working properly. The expected weight loss is averaging 1-2 lbs a day. The more weight you have to lose, the faster it comes off.

So I decided to post here & see how my journey goes. I'll probably need support as the food list is very limited and I get easily bored with small choices to eat. I am not fond of meat other then hamburger so this will be a big challenge for me.....

The first 5 days will be new posts, but all on one day.. today.

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