Monday, May 12, 2008

Loading Day 2

Fri. May 9th:
LOADING DAY 2: Same as day 1. Shot in the am and eat as much as possible. Hubby did so much better today with the shot. I didn't even feel it!! I'm not sure I like the look of wickedness on his smile when he says 'shot time!"

I got my specially compounded hormones from the pharmacy today. I opened the box and found a handful of filled syringes....gasp! MORE SHOTS?! Hubby got a 'squint like Clint' look on his face & imitated a gunslinger... aiming with both hands!!!! Looking closer I realized they were a cream already measured out! PFWHEW! no extra shot...

I ate my final pizza & some noodles and found them to not be yummy. A big letdown for my 'last meal'. I couldn't even eat my favorite ice cream! I had to get a scale to properly moniter myself on the protocol. I weigh 198 lbs tonight. I found I am peeing a LOT these past 2 days too.

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