Sunday, May 11, 2008

hCG protocol Information

Important information about the hCG weightloss protocol that have helped me thru this unique experience:

*Read Dr Simeon's manusctipt: Pounds & Inches before doing anything else!

* hCG suppliers that I have used and are honest.

* hcg 500 calorie diet menu (Phase 2 foods)

* Sublingual Mixing Instructions

* Happily Thinner After Support group. I am a moderator of this wonerful group. Support is very important thru all phases of protocol. ESPECIALLY during the 3rd phase of stabalization. Biz has developed a Boot Camp to help people get thru successfully.

* p2 friendly recipes

* Tips for starting

* P3 maintenance help

* Hard to find things, like grissini & melba & Yerba Mate teas.

Hopefully this information will help all who want to make a drastic change in their life!

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