Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 6

Wow! Down 1.6 pounds! I am slightly surprised and pleased. I seem to be averaging 1.6 pounds a day and have made it down 12.8 pounds in 6 days! I keep hoping to go down 2 pounds one of these days, but from my understanding I am doing great, esp with having hashimoto's (autoimmune low thyroid).

I ate 1/2 cup cottage cheese with one strawberry this morning for breakfast. I have a lot of energy and had a blast playing with the kids at the park yesterday in between appts. Maybe my excessive activity slowed the weight-loss down too. It is just amazing for me to think about how unusual our bodies are! On such a deep level it is ... well.. amazing. Eat more than 500 calories on hCG and you gain. Exercise while on hCG and you gain. Too much or too little hCG and you gain because you become hungry!! It's all about how the body reacts to those things and how the hCG tells your body to pull nutrients from your intestines until that is gone (thus the 500 cals), then it pulls from your fat. Burn too many cals. by activity and your body says 'whoa! I need to conserve!" and stores water which is pretty heavy. That's why the protein intake is so high. To lose water weight. I ponder on these things quite a bit lately and am still confounded by it all!

Why cannot we eat fats (butter, oils, etc) or put fatty lotions on while on hCG? Because then our body will use that fat to burn first instead of our body fat! simply amazing!

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