Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 6: VLCD

Today is my first day with a new digital scale. I noticed there is a 5 lb difference (heavier) than the analogue, so I've adjusted my measurements accordingly. I was very distraught when on the scale the first several times... it ranged from 194-200!! eeek! I also learned a valueable lesson last night... DO NOT weigh yourself at anytime except in the morning only after the first morning pee.... Every time I went to the bathroom, I weighed myself and found it very inspiring to see the scale jump quite a few numbers each time!! woohoo! Today I ate my first lobster tail. I had lobster quite a few years ago in a restaurant with hubby for our first anniversary. It was good then and it was good today. It would have been better with butter though!!

I did a protocol no-no and ate 1/2 cup (111 calories) of cottage cheese before bed. We had a dr appt & a bible study that just messed things up and I only was able to eat 1 apple 1 strawberry and the lobster tail all day... Very hungry. I don't think I went over calories and I know protein before bed isn't too harmful as it gives my liver something to 'chew' on thru the night. And as long as I don't go over 500 calories where most of it is protein. I guess the proof will be on the scale tomorrow! I get to make lasagne tomorrow for company. That will be a test for me! I LOVE pasta!!

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