Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 5: VLCD

AM Woke up felling well. I think my weight went down to 187, but my scale is not digital and it wobbled a bit and the lines are very small.. Hubby's getting a digital scale for me so I'll know within .10 of a pound if I've gained or reduced. This is very strange for me to care about my daily weight! But protocol is protocol! I've been told that if you don't load properly on LOTS of fats, you'll feel hungry for 7-14 days!! Ugh!! My hunger isn't quite so severe lately, so maybe it'll settle quicker. Thankfully, it has not been to a point of making me crazy or lose my will power.

Today was dreary & rainy & caused me to have to lay down until around 2 pm. The weather fronts cause such stiffness & pain in my back & joints. There's a theory that this type of diet will stop the progress of the spondylitis. We'll find out, won't we?!

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