Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Tues, May 13, 2008
AM: I woke up NOT HUNGRY today. Just a couple grumble pains around 10:30 but I'm sure if I would have drank some tea, I would have been fine. Only 1 pound loss, according to my hubby. We don't have a digital scale so I couldn't look. My moving around moved the needle too much. I may have to go get a digital for more exact weight.

I'm so proud I did not cheat yesterday! I had 1 oz of Kombucha tea which is something that is questionable, but nobody seems to know if it's allowed or not. It's a probiotic drink and MAY have some sugar left in it. It was cultured for almost 10 days so I think the sugar was all cultured out, but then again, nothing is for sure. I will not drink any today. I ovulated yesterday which may keep the weight-loss to a lesser amount.

I found many Vlogs on Youtube of people's daily changes on video. It's amazing to see how much they have changed! I only have 50 or so pounds to lose so I'm trying to decide if I will be going thru 1 round (6 weeks) or 2 rounds. Maybe the second round will be a short one. BUT that is weeks away and I'm only going to focus on this week for now!

I found my camera and had my daughter take a pic of me in all of my faty glory... eeek! pretty scary! I'm not sure I'm ready to post it here.....and to think I already lost a nice chunk of my dunlap belly!! The ticker under the title of this page shows my reduction progress. I started around 198 pounds. My biggest size was 220 during the pregnancy of my 5th child. What's strange is when I was in college I weighed 165 pounds and wore a size 16 pants!! Now at 200 lbs, I am in a size 12 pants. Either sizes are different now or my now DDD boobs are taking up a lot of my weight!!! I'm told they will not decrease. I hope they decrease a little so I can wear pretty undergarments instead of the ugly ones for my size!

ok, enough about that subject! I'm very excited to see how my body re-shapes as I reduce even more!

PM: Ate an apple before dinner. I was starting to get hungry. Got really hungry while making spaghetti for the family. I made myself some ground beef with italian seasonings and I crushed up some tomatoes to give myself something similar to eat. Hubby picked up some strawberries for me & I was so hungry I ate about 5... then I remembered.. I already had my 2 fruits!!! **bang head on wall** argh! Oh well... we'll see what happens tomorrow! I drank a LOT of water & tea and am feeling better. I stood & cried a few minutes while making dinner. It seems like the road is too long and too hard. The food smelled sooo good! But I'm determined and that is that!

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