Monday, May 12, 2008


Mon. May 12th
DAY 3 VLCD: AM: shot in the arm today. My rear is getting sore. My weight is 189 lbs. I went up 2 lbs. It could be from that cookie and piece of cheese I ate OR it could be a pattern of how I lose weight. I've read that many people go a couple days of a slight gain or no loss and then bam... lose a lot a day later. Could be a process of my body retaining water a bit as it's getting rid of the fat. If I eat more than 500 calories than this will happen.

Today I was a little hungry early this morning but by 10 am, I am no longer hungry. Looks like the hCG is working! Looking in the mirror my belly flap is going away inspite of the 'gain'. Hubby was very excited. Me too!

PM: Chicken broiled in water with some grape tomatoes & a tad of white onion on it. I was very hungry and it tasted pretty good! Right before eating I felt a sudden ovulation pain... So maybe my pound gain was really from that! I'm still reading & learning and I will post as I learn here.

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