Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 20

Down 1.2 pounds...185.6! I'm finally I'm getting down! My goal is to have been reduced 20 lbs by this weekend. If I keep going like I am, I will be able to lose that 2.2 lbs within 2 days... yeehaw!! I don't see a whole lot of change except in my face right now. My belly flap is gone and now I'm excited to see it get more reduced. It is not pretty right now with all the puffy stretch marks... I'm hoping they will get reduced & smoothed out after this protocol is over!!

I ate only apples yesterday. I was so hungry all day, but I did well. I had such a hunger headache I ended up eating a 1/2 cup cottage cheese before bed. I don't think my body does well without protein so I don't think I'll do an apple day anytime soon.

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