Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 14

Today I am up to 188.8. Not good. I am pretty down about my yo-yo'ing, even though I know it is somewhat normal. I've only lost a bit over 1 pound this whole week! ugh! I also woke up today is severe stiffness & pain from the Spondylitis monster flaring up. I just cannot seem to shake it off today. I'm going to do a steak day today to see if that will help me get over this hump and lose this water I'm retaining. I drank TONS yesterday and held most of it in!! And factor in that constipation seems to add some weight to. Maybe I'll chug some epsom salts to get things moving too. I'm trying to convince hubby that we should celebrate his birthday at a steak house tonight.... I want a GOOD steak. I always pick horrible ones at the grocer, so I don't even want to try. I'm not a big steak eater and I easily get turned off if it is a bad steak.

I'm very pleased that I have no hunger today that doesn't go away with a cup of tea or water. Steak day is not officially a Dr Simeons protocol, but the protocol vets say it is a good way to get over a stall or get back if you've gone astray a day or two. Steak day rules: only drink water or tea all day, then right before bed eat a BIG steak.. I think 7 oz is the size. I've done an egg day.. similar but eat 8 or so eggs only all day. You can use mayo, mustard, etc on the eggs. But only eat eggs and drink a lot. That one seemed to work well for me too. I guess protein helps your body push out the water and helps metabolism bump up a notch.


Brenda said...

I just started the Simeon's Protocol - not using Trudeaus. We are going through a local clinic. The clinic that we go to told us that if we hit a plateau that doesn't go away to have an apple day. From noon to noon you eat 6 apples ONLY, then have your normal lunch the next day. We were told to limit the amount of steak and do more fish and chicken to help expedite weight loss. So, we do steak and fish one day and fish and chicken the next. We also split up our meals between b'fast, lunch, snack, and dinner. I have been terribly hungry, but the other 6 family members that have done this haven't been hungry at all? Hoping it will go away - I am on my 3rd day of 500 calories after the gorge - and I gorged good! I lost 3.4 after my first day and 2.4 after my second day. Try the apple day, my sister did this and dropped 4 pounds the following weigh in morning.

Trudi said...

Our online support group says apple days work for a lot of people, but not everyone. I hope you start losing your hunger soon! I've heard a lot of people saying clinics typically give everyone the same dose. You may want to ask your doc to reduce it a bit and see what happens. I'd LOVE to lose 4 lbs!!