Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 13

Day 13 and lost .4 lb... not a big loss, but a loss nontheless! My average is lessening to be a tad over 1 pound a day. Of course I start trying to figure what I will end up with by week 6... at a pound a day average.. I could lose 42 pounds!! and be around 160 lbs... WOW!! I haven't seen that weight since before my 3rd child (over 7 years ago!) .

A new thing I've also learned: some people seem to stall at a particular weight. A lot of times that means they were at that weight for a long time & it's taking their body a bit of time to re-adjust to get thru that stall.

I started a lower dose of hCG today.. 125iu so I'm hoping it will be a good dose to work for me. My hunger wasn't so consuming by evening time today so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

I have now become addicted to the scale. I find great joy to weigh myself before and after I go to the bathroom!! LOL!! I'm also amazed at the difference of fluctuations thru the day. I can be over 5 pounds heavier after my small meal & a large glass of water. I stayed on protocol pretty well today and I'm anxious to see what tomorrow brings. My fat is very jiggly today.. woohoo!! Time to get a big release! Tomorrow is hubby's b-day and I haven't decided if I will allow myself a sliver of Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake or just wait until I'm done in 4 weeks. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Will the slowed weight loss be worth the few bites of icecream???? **bite nails in a moment of un-decision!** mmmmmm... DQ........ !?!grr!?@>!?!

..... to be continued tomorrow....

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