Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 10: Weekend Over!

Rough weekend as my hunger was still there and temptation was abounding!

NOTE: my hunger is due to me not eating enough during the first 2 load days as well as during the protocol..

I gained 2 pounds Sunday morning, but I think a lot of it was water as the day before I didn't pee as much as I should have. Maybe working outside dehydrated me a bit & my body held onto water to keep doing it's work. Or it cold have been on Sat I was naughty & upset & ate a couple doughnuts. The gain could also have been from the fact that my monthly cycle is expected to arrive any day now. So I did an egg day yesterday. Eat eggs only all day, plus lots of water &/or tea. Technically, I'm supposed to do a steak day.. eat nothing all day and then have a HUGE steak right before bed. But I didn't have steak in the house & wasn't in the mood for a steak. I'm not a big fan, so maybe I'll try it next time. It seemed to work as I was down 1.6 pounds today. I can see a difference in my face... more defined jaw & cheekbones. I'm starting to look like my old self!! YEA!! I'm excited!! Maybe more motivated to not eat that bite of bagel or spoonful of cookie dough....

I was supposed to eat approx. 8 eggs thruout the day yesterday. I had some for bkfst & lunch, but had no stomach to eat eggs again for dinner so I had a 1/2 cup cottage cheese instead. I'm hoping the hCG is starting to reduce my hunger today... they say if you don't load properly it takes 7+ days to get the hunger control down. Plus I have to actually eat 500 calories!! Not 300 like I've been doing last week!

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