Monday, May 12, 2008


Sat. May 10th
Day 1: VLCD First day of VLCD (very low calorie diet) ... a 500 calorie diet. Wake up, go pee, and weigh myself nekkid. Hmmm... I've already lost a couple pounds... or the scale is off... it looks to say 193 lbs. I know I had strange dreams of a flat belly last night!

BREAKFAST: TEA ONLY. preferrably chammomile & green tea, yearba & some other is highly suggested. I drank some green/blueberry & chammomile tea.

I drove to the local organic farm to get some organic meat and divie it up in to measured portions. I am allowed only 100g (3.547 oz) of organic beef, ckn breast and some specific fish. I'm not a big fish eater so maybe I'll try that later. I stopped by the grocery to get some fruits & veggies allowed as well.

LUNCH: 100 g of beef broiled with some asparagus spears and a handful of strawberries. Plus tea & water.

I'm very hungry today & realized that I should have eaten better the past 2 days... oh well. I've actually doing very good ignoring the hunger gnawing at my belly..... drink more..pee more...drink...more... I'm cheating & adding Kombucha tea because that helps curb my appetite. Ate a bit of cucumber for a snack.

DINNER: 100g of chicken broiled with a handful of grape tomatoes & onions and salt. I made stroganoff for my family. It really looked yummy...... sigh.... I don't really like chicken.... or tomatoes......ugh.....

Some other rules... you can eat the fruit or vegies in between for snacks and you're not to eat the same thing in a row. Maybe it keeps the body from getting used to a specific combo or something.

We'll see what happens tomorrow! I'm hungry & need to make some more tea.... Hopefully the hCG shots will start working tomorrow & curb my hunger better. I still have enough hope this time to push thru these first couple of days.

I cheated and had 2 newman-o cookies and 1/2 cup cottage cheese. I felt much better.

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