Monday, May 12, 2008

Loading Day 1

Th. May 8th
LOADING DAY 1 : instructions are take the shot first thing in the morning.(a rear-end shot... hubby loved it! said he wanted to draw red circles & make a target..ha...ha...) He did it wrong & got too close too slowly & it pricked me.. I jumped & yowled! I got scratched by the needle. The look on hubby's face was great! Total horror that he hurt me!! Try 2 was better. poke. inject. out. done. not bad. Looking at the needle closer was scary... 1 1/4 long bugger! My doc said I can give myself a shot in the thigh if I want. I'm not sure I'm that brave.. there's just something weird about doing it myself. I had a heck of a time getting comfy with giving my 7 yo her nightly growth hormone shots.

Eating instructions: pig out! I am not a big eater so I ate as usual, but made sure to enjoy some bread and ice cream.

(I learned a little too late that you need to load up on fats and carbs to make it thru the first week with little hunger. EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN STUFF YOURSELF!!)

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