Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 21

Yea! I've got 1.2 pounds until I've lost 20 pounds!! In 3 weeks!! Yeah!! This stuff works!! It seems my pants are starting to get too big.. I'm not sure if they're just stretched out or not. I'm a little surprised I haven't seen much change with so much weight-loss. But then I don't have a full length mirror to really see a difference. I am taking pictures each Saturday so I can compare that way. I can only see all the fat left on me & it is so visibls now that is is loosening up & becoming very squishy. I'm anxious to see how well the hCG deals with the belly stretch marks & oddities that happen from 5 pregnancies.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 20

Down 1.2 pounds...185.6! I'm finally I'm getting down! My goal is to have been reduced 20 lbs by this weekend. If I keep going like I am, I will be able to lose that 2.2 lbs within 2 days... yeehaw!! I don't see a whole lot of change except in my face right now. My belly flap is gone and now I'm excited to see it get more reduced. It is not pretty right now with all the puffy stretch marks... I'm hoping they will get reduced & smoothed out after this protocol is over!!

I ate only apples yesterday. I was so hungry all day, but I did well. I had such a hunger headache I ended up eating a 1/2 cup cottage cheese before bed. I don't think my body does well without protein so I don't think I'll do an apple day anytime soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 19

Wow.. it's been a long weekend of teeny cheats that kept me going nowhere! ugh! We worked hard all weekend moving flagstone rocks and building up a terraced area on the back of the house to make the area level for a garden spot. Pfwhew!! It definitely hurt my back and joints but I was determined to get it done. Needless to say, the heavy activity level caused me to be hungry (and weak against temptation of a couple cookies & a small slice of lasagna) and caused me to stall or gain slightly. I guess when you work muscles, your body says store water, which causes a gain or stall.

The hormones have messed up my female cycle a bit too. It looks like it is trying to start today (a week late), but we'll see what happens. Sometimes hCG will cause issues there. I have happily lost 16.2 pounds and am in week 3. I was hoping to be farther along, but stuff happened and ... well... I've been a weak putz and nibbled on non-protocol things a few times too. My goal is to hit the 20 pound marker by this Saturday or Sunday....I HOPE!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 14

Today I am up to 188.8. Not good. I am pretty down about my yo-yo'ing, even though I know it is somewhat normal. I've only lost a bit over 1 pound this whole week! ugh! I also woke up today is severe stiffness & pain from the Spondylitis monster flaring up. I just cannot seem to shake it off today. I'm going to do a steak day today to see if that will help me get over this hump and lose this water I'm retaining. I drank TONS yesterday and held most of it in!! And factor in that constipation seems to add some weight to. Maybe I'll chug some epsom salts to get things moving too. I'm trying to convince hubby that we should celebrate his birthday at a steak house tonight.... I want a GOOD steak. I always pick horrible ones at the grocer, so I don't even want to try. I'm not a big steak eater and I easily get turned off if it is a bad steak.

I'm very pleased that I have no hunger today that doesn't go away with a cup of tea or water. Steak day is not officially a Dr Simeons protocol, but the protocol vets say it is a good way to get over a stall or get back if you've gone astray a day or two. Steak day rules: only drink water or tea all day, then right before bed eat a BIG steak.. I think 7 oz is the size. I've done an egg day.. similar but eat 8 or so eggs only all day. You can use mayo, mustard, etc on the eggs. But only eat eggs and drink a lot. That one seemed to work well for me too. I guess protein helps your body push out the water and helps metabolism bump up a notch.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 13

Day 13 and lost .4 lb... not a big loss, but a loss nontheless! My average is lessening to be a tad over 1 pound a day. Of course I start trying to figure what I will end up with by week 6... at a pound a day average.. I could lose 42 pounds!! and be around 160 lbs... WOW!! I haven't seen that weight since before my 3rd child (over 7 years ago!) .

A new thing I've also learned: some people seem to stall at a particular weight. A lot of times that means they were at that weight for a long time & it's taking their body a bit of time to re-adjust to get thru that stall.

I started a lower dose of hCG today.. 125iu so I'm hoping it will be a good dose to work for me. My hunger wasn't so consuming by evening time today so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

I have now become addicted to the scale. I find great joy to weigh myself before and after I go to the bathroom!! LOL!! I'm also amazed at the difference of fluctuations thru the day. I can be over 5 pounds heavier after my small meal & a large glass of water. I stayed on protocol pretty well today and I'm anxious to see what tomorrow brings. My fat is very jiggly today.. woohoo!! Time to get a big release! Tomorrow is hubby's b-day and I haven't decided if I will allow myself a sliver of Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake or just wait until I'm done in 4 weeks. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Will the slowed weight loss be worth the few bites of icecream???? **bite nails in a moment of un-decision!** mmmmmm... DQ........ !?!grr!?@>!?!

..... to be continued tomorrow....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 12

Stayed the same weight.. pfwhew! It's soooo scary to see that you've gained 4 or 5 pounds thru the day. After each potty time, I weigh... I never realized water weighed so much! But then, it is nice to see that I can lose 3 lbs just like that! LOL! Today I was good. Had to do dentist and the kids were hungry on the way home. Stopped at Wendy's and.. oh my... the food smelled soooo good! But I did NOT cheat!! woohooo! But ... dinner was not good. I'm going to have to remember to eat something before I cook for the rest. I was waiting for my beef & asparagus to broil in the toaster oven. ... My kids were fussing & getting into things in the kitchen because they were 'starving' and couldn't wait another minute! A pounding hunger headache added to the chaos. My brain does not function well during times like these! As I cooked up some pancakes, I snitched one.... ugh! Oh well... I've been good on everything else. I pray the scale is good to me tomorrow. **cross fingers**

I go tomorrow to pick up my next pre-filled shots. I think either I'm on the wrong dose or the last batch was old and not working properly. My doc is moving into private practice this week and I've been having a difficult time contacting her! I hope she is in her new office tomorrow so I can have a minute's chat with her about what is going on.

I'm happy to report that my fat places are getting jigglier!! It's been over 4 years since I've been in the 170's. The last 2 pregnancies really packed on the most for me. I cannot wait to be able to wear a size 10 pants again!! I'm tired of being in a 12 for so long....sigh.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 10: Weekend Over!

Rough weekend as my hunger was still there and temptation was abounding!

NOTE: my hunger is due to me not eating enough during the first 2 load days as well as during the protocol..

I gained 2 pounds Sunday morning, but I think a lot of it was water as the day before I didn't pee as much as I should have. Maybe working outside dehydrated me a bit & my body held onto water to keep doing it's work. Or it cold have been on Sat I was naughty & upset & ate a couple doughnuts. The gain could also have been from the fact that my monthly cycle is expected to arrive any day now. So I did an egg day yesterday. Eat eggs only all day, plus lots of water &/or tea. Technically, I'm supposed to do a steak day.. eat nothing all day and then have a HUGE steak right before bed. But I didn't have steak in the house & wasn't in the mood for a steak. I'm not a big fan, so maybe I'll try it next time. It seemed to work as I was down 1.6 pounds today. I can see a difference in my face... more defined jaw & cheekbones. I'm starting to look like my old self!! YEA!! I'm excited!! Maybe more motivated to not eat that bite of bagel or spoonful of cookie dough....

I was supposed to eat approx. 8 eggs thruout the day yesterday. I had some for bkfst & lunch, but had no stomach to eat eggs again for dinner so I had a 1/2 cup cottage cheese instead. I'm hoping the hCG is starting to reduce my hunger today... they say if you don't load properly it takes 7+ days to get the hunger control down. Plus I have to actually eat 500 calories!! Not 300 like I've been doing last week!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 6

Wow! Down 1.6 pounds! I am slightly surprised and pleased. I seem to be averaging 1.6 pounds a day and have made it down 12.8 pounds in 6 days! I keep hoping to go down 2 pounds one of these days, but from my understanding I am doing great, esp with having hashimoto's (autoimmune low thyroid).

I ate 1/2 cup cottage cheese with one strawberry this morning for breakfast. I have a lot of energy and had a blast playing with the kids at the park yesterday in between appts. Maybe my excessive activity slowed the weight-loss down too. It is just amazing for me to think about how unusual our bodies are! On such a deep level it is ... well.. amazing. Eat more than 500 calories on hCG and you gain. Exercise while on hCG and you gain. Too much or too little hCG and you gain because you become hungry!! It's all about how the body reacts to those things and how the hCG tells your body to pull nutrients from your intestines until that is gone (thus the 500 cals), then it pulls from your fat. Burn too many cals. by activity and your body says 'whoa! I need to conserve!" and stores water which is pretty heavy. That's why the protein intake is so high. To lose water weight. I ponder on these things quite a bit lately and am still confounded by it all!

Why cannot we eat fats (butter, oils, etc) or put fatty lotions on while on hCG? Because then our body will use that fat to burn first instead of our body fat! simply amazing!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 6: VLCD

Today is my first day with a new digital scale. I noticed there is a 5 lb difference (heavier) than the analogue, so I've adjusted my measurements accordingly. I was very distraught when on the scale the first several times... it ranged from 194-200!! eeek! I also learned a valueable lesson last night... DO NOT weigh yourself at anytime except in the morning only after the first morning pee.... Every time I went to the bathroom, I weighed myself and found it very inspiring to see the scale jump quite a few numbers each time!! woohoo! Today I ate my first lobster tail. I had lobster quite a few years ago in a restaurant with hubby for our first anniversary. It was good then and it was good today. It would have been better with butter though!!

I did a protocol no-no and ate 1/2 cup (111 calories) of cottage cheese before bed. We had a dr appt & a bible study that just messed things up and I only was able to eat 1 apple 1 strawberry and the lobster tail all day... Very hungry. I don't think I went over calories and I know protein before bed isn't too harmful as it gives my liver something to 'chew' on thru the night. And as long as I don't go over 500 calories where most of it is protein. I guess the proof will be on the scale tomorrow! I get to make lasagne tomorrow for company. That will be a test for me! I LOVE pasta!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 5: VLCD

AM Woke up felling well. I think my weight went down to 187, but my scale is not digital and it wobbled a bit and the lines are very small.. Hubby's getting a digital scale for me so I'll know within .10 of a pound if I've gained or reduced. This is very strange for me to care about my daily weight! But protocol is protocol! I've been told that if you don't load properly on LOTS of fats, you'll feel hungry for 7-14 days!! Ugh!! My hunger isn't quite so severe lately, so maybe it'll settle quicker. Thankfully, it has not been to a point of making me crazy or lose my will power.

Today was dreary & rainy & caused me to have to lay down until around 2 pm. The weather fronts cause such stiffness & pain in my back & joints. There's a theory that this type of diet will stop the progress of the spondylitis. We'll find out, won't we?!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Tues, May 13, 2008
AM: I woke up NOT HUNGRY today. Just a couple grumble pains around 10:30 but I'm sure if I would have drank some tea, I would have been fine. Only 1 pound loss, according to my hubby. We don't have a digital scale so I couldn't look. My moving around moved the needle too much. I may have to go get a digital for more exact weight.

I'm so proud I did not cheat yesterday! I had 1 oz of Kombucha tea which is something that is questionable, but nobody seems to know if it's allowed or not. It's a probiotic drink and MAY have some sugar left in it. It was cultured for almost 10 days so I think the sugar was all cultured out, but then again, nothing is for sure. I will not drink any today. I ovulated yesterday which may keep the weight-loss to a lesser amount.

I found many Vlogs on Youtube of people's daily changes on video. It's amazing to see how much they have changed! I only have 50 or so pounds to lose so I'm trying to decide if I will be going thru 1 round (6 weeks) or 2 rounds. Maybe the second round will be a short one. BUT that is weeks away and I'm only going to focus on this week for now!

I found my camera and had my daughter take a pic of me in all of my faty glory... eeek! pretty scary! I'm not sure I'm ready to post it here.....and to think I already lost a nice chunk of my dunlap belly!! The ticker under the title of this page shows my reduction progress. I started around 198 pounds. My biggest size was 220 during the pregnancy of my 5th child. What's strange is when I was in college I weighed 165 pounds and wore a size 16 pants!! Now at 200 lbs, I am in a size 12 pants. Either sizes are different now or my now DDD boobs are taking up a lot of my weight!!! I'm told they will not decrease. I hope they decrease a little so I can wear pretty undergarments instead of the ugly ones for my size!

ok, enough about that subject! I'm very excited to see how my body re-shapes as I reduce even more!

PM: Ate an apple before dinner. I was starting to get hungry. Got really hungry while making spaghetti for the family. I made myself some ground beef with italian seasonings and I crushed up some tomatoes to give myself something similar to eat. Hubby picked up some strawberries for me & I was so hungry I ate about 5... then I remembered.. I already had my 2 fruits!!! **bang head on wall** argh! Oh well... we'll see what happens tomorrow! I drank a LOT of water & tea and am feeling better. I stood & cried a few minutes while making dinner. It seems like the road is too long and too hard. The food smelled sooo good! But I'm determined and that is that!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Mon. May 12th
DAY 3 VLCD: AM: shot in the arm today. My rear is getting sore. My weight is 189 lbs. I went up 2 lbs. It could be from that cookie and piece of cheese I ate OR it could be a pattern of how I lose weight. I've read that many people go a couple days of a slight gain or no loss and then bam... lose a lot a day later. Could be a process of my body retaining water a bit as it's getting rid of the fat. If I eat more than 500 calories than this will happen.

Today I was a little hungry early this morning but by 10 am, I am no longer hungry. Looks like the hCG is working! Looking in the mirror my belly flap is going away inspite of the 'gain'. Hubby was very excited. Me too!

PM: Chicken broiled in water with some grape tomatoes & a tad of white onion on it. I was very hungry and it tasted pretty good! Right before eating I felt a sudden ovulation pain... So maybe my pound gain was really from that! I'm still reading & learning and I will post as I learn here.


Sun. May 11th
DAY 2 vlcd: Scale says...... 187 lbs. (!?!?!?!?!) Hubby confirmed my eyes were seeing right. He got a HUGE grin on his face and said "bend over for your next shot!" LOL!! He's enjoying this waaaaay to much!!

So that looks like 10 lbs since I weighed myself Friday evening.... I think I'll take measurements today to tell better where I'm losing... I see a bit less of Dunlap Diseases (where my belly has done lapped over my belt...!) and my face is thinning a tiny bit too.

BKFST: tea again... I had a newman-o....yummmmmm! maybe tomorrow I'll have more control. We have home fellowship this noon so it will be impossible to be perfect with the diet. I think I'll just have a couple meatballs I'm bringing, a cucumber and maybe an apple.

PM: My hunger today is much better. Still hungry because I did not do the proper gorging myself on all bad foods for the first 2-3 days of injections. Darn it!! I missed out!!!


Sat. May 10th
Day 1: VLCD First day of VLCD (very low calorie diet) ... a 500 calorie diet. Wake up, go pee, and weigh myself nekkid. Hmmm... I've already lost a couple pounds... or the scale is off... it looks to say 193 lbs. I know I had strange dreams of a flat belly last night!

BREAKFAST: TEA ONLY. preferrably chammomile & green tea, yearba & some other is highly suggested. I drank some green/blueberry & chammomile tea.

I drove to the local organic farm to get some organic meat and divie it up in to measured portions. I am allowed only 100g (3.547 oz) of organic beef, ckn breast and some specific fish. I'm not a big fish eater so maybe I'll try that later. I stopped by the grocery to get some fruits & veggies allowed as well.

LUNCH: 100 g of beef broiled with some asparagus spears and a handful of strawberries. Plus tea & water.

I'm very hungry today & realized that I should have eaten better the past 2 days... oh well. I've actually doing very good ignoring the hunger gnawing at my belly..... drink more..pee more...drink...more... I'm cheating & adding Kombucha tea because that helps curb my appetite. Ate a bit of cucumber for a snack.

DINNER: 100g of chicken broiled with a handful of grape tomatoes & onions and salt. I made stroganoff for my family. It really looked yummy...... sigh.... I don't really like chicken.... or tomatoes......ugh.....

Some other rules... you can eat the fruit or vegies in between for snacks and you're not to eat the same thing in a row. Maybe it keeps the body from getting used to a specific combo or something.

We'll see what happens tomorrow! I'm hungry & need to make some more tea.... Hopefully the hCG shots will start working tomorrow & curb my hunger better. I still have enough hope this time to push thru these first couple of days.

I cheated and had 2 newman-o cookies and 1/2 cup cottage cheese. I felt much better.

Loading Day 2

Fri. May 9th:
LOADING DAY 2: Same as day 1. Shot in the am and eat as much as possible. Hubby did so much better today with the shot. I didn't even feel it!! I'm not sure I like the look of wickedness on his smile when he says 'shot time!"

I got my specially compounded hormones from the pharmacy today. I opened the box and found a handful of filled syringes....gasp! MORE SHOTS?! Hubby got a 'squint like Clint' look on his face & imitated a gunslinger... aiming with both hands!!!! Looking closer I realized they were a cream already measured out! PFWHEW! no extra shot...

I ate my final pizza & some noodles and found them to not be yummy. A big letdown for my 'last meal'. I couldn't even eat my favorite ice cream! I had to get a scale to properly moniter myself on the protocol. I weigh 198 lbs tonight. I found I am peeing a LOT these past 2 days too.

Loading Day 1

Th. May 8th
LOADING DAY 1 : instructions are take the shot first thing in the morning.(a rear-end shot... hubby loved it! said he wanted to draw red circles & make a target..ha...ha...) He did it wrong & got too close too slowly & it pricked me.. I jumped & yowled! I got scratched by the needle. The look on hubby's face was great! Total horror that he hurt me!! Try 2 was better. poke. inject. out. done. not bad. Looking at the needle closer was scary... 1 1/4 long bugger! My doc said I can give myself a shot in the thigh if I want. I'm not sure I'm that brave.. there's just something weird about doing it myself. I had a heck of a time getting comfy with giving my 7 yo her nightly growth hormone shots.

Eating instructions: pig out! I am not a big eater so I ate as usual, but made sure to enjoy some bread and ice cream.

(I learned a little too late that you need to load up on fats and carbs to make it thru the first week with little hunger. EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN STUFF YOURSELF!!)

Starting my Journal... 5 days late!

Since I started journaling before setting this blog up, I have my first 5 days included here....

I have nearly 50 lbs to lose and thought I'd share my journey with those interested!

Since continual weight gain after each pregnancy, I have done nearly everything to lose weight .. Restricting calories has only caused me to gain more weight. "Starvation Reflex" is what I've been told and have never been able to get out of it. Depression, pain of a spinal arthritis and fatigue have been my constant companions with the ever creeping weight gain. I think having 5 pregnancies helped too!!

So I found this new clinic called Born Preventative Health (Grand Rapids, MI area) because I got a hold of my blood labs from last year & really started looking at the results. "I think I have low thyroid problems.. " I told my doc. She was shocked that I have never been treated and immediately started me on Armor Thyro (a natural hypothyroid med). She also had some more labs & an adrenal test done. Results came back this past Wed. Found I have Hashimoto's disease which is an auto-immune low thyroid problem. My adrenals were fine and I was low on some hormone & minerals, all which help contribute to my problems.

"What can I do to get my body out of starvation mode?" I asked, not thinking I'd get an answer, again...

"Have you ever heard of Kevin Trudeau's book: Weight loss cure?" Yup, I've seen his ads and thought it was just another thing to buy and not have it work. My doc told me she has started using the program on many patients after seeing success with people that have seen her and requested the hCG shots. She started investigating it further and even tried it on herself. So far she says she has never seen it fail to be a permanent weight loss cure.

The problem with overweight people is they have a hypothalamus gland disfunction. It is telling the body to store fat, no matter what they eat and studies of MANY years have proven that a protocol of at least 6 weeks of daily shots of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) with a low calorie diet will help our body burn the excess fat & keep hunger pains down. While keeping the structural fat intact. Dieting is bad because it causes our structural fat & muscle to get used, leaving the other fat behind. There's a specific protocol of eating & shots that will help re-set the hypothalamus to working properly. The expected weight loss is averaging 1-2 lbs a day. The more weight you have to lose, the faster it comes off.

So I decided to post here & see how my journey goes. I'll probably need support as the food list is very limited and I get easily bored with small choices to eat. I am not fond of meat other then hamburger so this will be a big challenge for me.....

The first 5 days will be new posts, but all on one day.. today.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

500 Calorie Diet (VLCD)

Allowed foods each day totaling no more than 500 calories:

You can eat in any order throughout the day, but DO NOT eat less than 3 hours before bed.

2 Fruits/day Large handful for each serving.
Apple, ½ grapefruit, orange, strawberries, lemon
2 Veggies/day You can eat a LOT of veggies, but don’t mix the first round
Spinach, chard, beet greens, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onion, radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage
2 meats/day 100 g (3.5 oz) each serving:
chicken breast
beef (steak, hamburger, roast, etc)
white fish (tilapia, orange roughy, etc)
lobster, crab, shrimp, oyster

Beverages: 1-2 cups coffee and all the tea and water you can drink.
2 tbsp milk if needed in coffee
some people make lemonade with their allowed lemon (but that is considered a serving of fruit)
Sweeteners: Minimum amounts of Splenda or stevia, xylitol, zsweet

Start out taking .125ml of hCG each time.

Day 1 & 2: Loading days:
~ take hcg in am. Hold under your tongue until it is dissolved.
~ Eat as much high fat foods you can stuff into yourself. You need
to force feed yourself on the 2nd day. Foods like cream cheese, ice cream,
donuts, cake, breakfast sausages, eggs, etc.
~ Measure yourself (waist, hips, arms, chest) and take pictures
~ Take hcg at bedtime. Hold under your tongue until it is dissolved

Days 3+: VLCD days:
~ Weigh yourself
~ take hcg in am. Hold under your tongue until it is dissolved
~ eat 500 calorie of food. Drink a TON of water to help flush out the fat
~ take hcg at bedtime. Hold under your tongue until it is dissolved

You may feel a bit of hunger the first week. Most of that is boredom hunger. Make sure you write down your weight each morning. Too much hcg or too little hcg will cause hunger. Most people experience NO hunger about day 5 or so, depending upon how well you load with fats.

sublingual mixing instructions

HCG sublingual mixing & dosage

Order the 5000iu vials for the best deal for your money, but any amt can be ordered.
Typically a 5000 iu vial lasts for 15 days.

Expect to lose 15 lbs per 5000iu vial and be sure to order as much as you think you'll need because shipping is $30 no matter how much you order. It takes 2-6 weeks to receive your order.

HuCOG vials have a rubber stopper and needs a large needle to extract the hcg.
Organon vials have a breakable top and no extra needles are needed to extract the hcg.

Use coupon code 100354. (I get a small referral point if you use that coupon code and you get a small discount on your hcg)

(also note: the above link is the only place that guarantees you receive your shipment, even if lost at customs or damaged)

When you get your order, you can store it in a cupboard until you are ready to use it.
Each supply of hCG comes with 2 vials. One has a powder in it and the other has a liquid in it. The liquid vial is useless and will be thrown away.

Supplies you will need:

Clear Liquor: (rum, vodka, gin, etc.) This helps your body absorb the hcg and preserves the hcg solution while you use it.

hCG :The potency will last about 30 days, or more.

Amber glass bottle: get this at a health food store. Blue is ok and clear is ok, but you need to wrap the bottle in tin foil to keep it away from light as much as possible.

1 ml syringe: (or smaller for taking your dose) – The best is an insulin syringe. Try to get one that you can remove the needle from. Or ask a local pharmacist if they have any 1ml/cc medicine syringe for babies. Best to have it begin measure at .125ml (point 125 ml)

5 ml syringe : for drawing the water and alcohol to make your solution. You can use smaller or larger syringes. You need to measure at least 5 ml/cc.

NOTE: 1 ml = 1 cc

You will be taking the hcg liquid under your tongue and holding it there until it dissolves.

Mixing instructions:

~ In your small glass bottle mix:

5 ml water (distilled is best)
5 ml liquor

~ Draw up a small amount of your solution in your syringe, enough to make the hcg powder into a solution. It dissolves very quickly.

~ If you have a glass hcg vial with a yellow or red stripe across the top, you need to cover the top with a napkin and break it off. If you have a glass hcg vial with a plastic top, you need to pop that off & work at the aluminum ring to get the rubber top off. (OR you can get a large needle to inject some solution into it & draw the hcg out)

~ Put your small amt of liquid into the hcg bottle and swirl the vial until all the hcg is dissolved. This may take about 2 seconds of time!

~ Pour (or draw if you are using a needle) the dissolved hcg into your glass bottle.

~ Store this solution in the refrigerator.

To use the solution, draw up the following amount for each dose.

Remember, sublingual doses need to be taken twice daily (approx every 12 hours). Most people do well on .15 doseage.

.125 cc (or 12 on an insulin syringe) = 62.5 IU per dose, 125 IU daily
.15 cc (or 15 on an insulin syringe) = 75 IU per dose, 150 IU daily
.2 cc (or 20 on an insulin syringe) = 100 IU per dose, 200 IU daily
.25 cc (or 25 on an insulin syringe) = 125 IU per dose, 250 IU daily
.3 cc (or 30 on an insulin syringe) = 150 IU per dose, 300 IU daily


Start with the lowest dose, or wherever you feel you need to start. It takes your body 3 days to notice any dose changes. Most people feel some hunger their first 2 weeks so it is best to not change your dose until after that time. Most people dose themselves around 200… some go higher, some lower. Each person is different in their response to the hcg.

The maximum dose is 333 IU per day, but this is rare.

Be careful though, because too much hCG will cause the same effects as not enough, slow or no weight loss and hunger!

hCG Suppliers List

(Expect to lose 15 lbs per 5000iu vial and be sure to order as much as you think you'll need to save money on shipping. Or combine your order with someone else's because often there are discounts for larger orders! It usually takes 2-6 weeks to receive your order.)
These suppliers are trusted to be human hcg (not animal) and both guarantee your shipment to show up. If it gets stuck at customs or arrives damaged, contact them and they will work things out quickly. Other suppliers do not have this guarantee.


Supplier 1: Use coupon code 100354. Most use the 5000 iu vials. This supplier also has mixing kits for sublingual and injection to help get you started quickly.

There are several brands of hcg you can order and are all fine. I am posting the two that I have personally tried. They often have sales of buy 3 get one free that I post here when I find out, so keep posted to my blog!

HuCOG vials have a rubber stopper and needs a large needle to extract the hcg. (or you can pry it out)

Organon vials have a breakable top and no extra needles are needed.

Supplier 2

2 brands of hcg commonly used:

Highly Purified hcg 5000 iu (mfg in Germany)
Hucog 5000 iu (mfg in India=cheapest brand)

3 vials of Highly Purified hcg 5000 iu (mfg in Germany)
3 vials Hucog 5000 iu (mfg in India)

5 vials of Highly Purified hcg 5000 iu (mfg in Germany)
5 vials Hucog 5000 iu (mfg in India)

Remember, the more you order, the lower the cost per vial!

hCG protocol Information

Important information about the hCG weightloss protocol that have helped me thru this unique experience:

*Read Dr Simeon's manusctipt: Pounds & Inches before doing anything else!

* hCG suppliers that I have used and are honest.

* hcg 500 calorie diet menu (Phase 2 foods)

* Sublingual Mixing Instructions

* Happily Thinner After Support group. I am a moderator of this wonerful group. Support is very important thru all phases of protocol. ESPECIALLY during the 3rd phase of stabalization. Biz has developed a Boot Camp to help people get thru successfully.

* p2 friendly recipes

* Tips for starting

* P3 maintenance help

* Hard to find things, like grissini & melba & Yerba Mate teas.

Hopefully this information will help all who want to make a drastic change in their life!