Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008

Last day of the year and I am down to 156.8!! What a year! I've not been as successful on protocol as I had initially hoped, but then my expectations were very high and I had no idea all the mental issues that needed to be healed during this time. But I am happy to say I've lost 46.2 pounds since May!!

Our family is celebrating he night with our friends and I'm not sure how well I'll stick to protocol, but I'm not too worried. I will enjoy my evening and do my best to keep indulgences low since I am still on hcg and weight is gained very quickly when calories are over-eaten....

I have not gotten the affiliate link to the new hcg supplier yet and will check back later if it comes thru. But we're getting ready to celebrate and there may not be enough time!

Have a HAPPY (& safe) New Year everyone! Thank you for joining me on my journey this year! I know next year will be even more interesting!

Good-Bye 2008!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

new supplier found out about!

I am up .2 today... need to do a dose of magnesium to get things moving down younder.

I just found out about a new supplier that appears to have a much quicker shipping time and the cost of the hcg is cheaper than the 'other' place. Shipping is less too!! Once I get the links, I will update here to share the information by tomorrow!

Monday, December 29, 2008

today's stats

Yesterday I weighed in at 158.4
and today I weighed in at 157.4 ... today is my lowest weight! I've hit 45 lbs lost finally..... woohoo!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today's weight was 158.6! now... to combat my enemy..... Christmas Munchies.....ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Today our weather is FOGGY & rainy... temps are at mid to high 40's!!! Oh My!! Never heard of that!! Thunderstorms woke us up early this morning and kids, cats & our dog came a running to our room!! LOL! Made me a liar.. the kids always ask if thunder & lightening happen in the winter & I've always said 'it is too cold in winter for that'!! I guess technically, it is not winter temps, so it is 'allowed'!

Friday, December 26, 2008

off a short break

I started hcg on the 24th and called Wed & Thurs loading days so I could indulge in some homemade goodies. I only gained a couple pounds in spite of eating off protocol for that week! We had a quiet celebration with just us & the kids. Thankfully I didn't flare too bad so I could enjoy the days.

We made several goodies using gluten free flour and they were pretty yummy!! I'm sensitive and I am highly suspicious we have other family members sensitive.... now to get hubby off the wheat is going to be a challenge! It's a new way to think of meals... no more noodle or bread options as a quick meal for the kids! I'm hoping our food stamps application is accepted so we can afford to stay away from those bad foods.

This week I also finished the Cipro antibiotic (for possible klebisellia gut bacteria) and started a new antibiotic (Fluconazole) for candida. These two meds tend to dehydrate so my theory is that while on hcg I may have slower losses due to my body retaining water because of them. This antibiotic will be a month long session.

Today my weigh-in was 159.4. TOM started today so there's bloat involvement as well. I'm praying for strength to stay faithful this cycle!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Our professional Ball pictures came in! You can click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

We've had SNOW upon SNOW upon SNOW here. ugh... got snowed in all weekend because the plows do not take care of side roads until several days later. Our van was stuck until hubby shoveled it out. And we're expecting another 10 inches or so.. so far we've gotten several feet or more and our area is very sheltered and nothing blows away.. it just all collects!

I've decided to take a couple day's break since we had a small fellowship party at our house on Sat and I wanted to eat tacos & a few other goodies. My weight is at 160 this morning and I completely expected that. I am not sure when I'll go back on protocol.

Hubby is at 153 and bounces btwn 153 and 149 so that is a good sign that he's stabalized pretty well.

Monday, December 15, 2008

ON the losing streak again!!

yesterday I was down 1 lb to hit 159.0 again.... and today I went down 1.4 to 157.6 ....

157.6 wow!! that number is very exciting to see!!!! Funny thing is my belly seems to be the LAST place to lose! I am seeing/feeling the losses in my ankles, knees, everywhere EXCEPT my belly!!! ugh!! I'm just geeked to be losing again!!

I am down 45.4 lbs total!! Maybe... just maybe I'll be down 50 lbs by this time next week... wouldn't that be something?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sleepless in Michigan

I was down yesterday to 159.0 but went up to 160.0 today. Which proves that lack of sleep can cause gains while on protocol!

Hubby was informed that he's included in the round of lay-offs next week. This was completely unexpected and is causing some exhaustion from stressed dreams and insomnia! I will probably take a nap later today and hope it helps for a loss for tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's a comment from a viewer I wanted to post to answer for all to read:

Hey Congratulations on your losses! So, I hate to be a downer but I'm a little frustrated... Yesterday I was only down .4 and today I was the same. I am only on day 8 so it's a little discouraging to see such a slowdown so early on...

Yuck. I’m totally frustrated this morning… The only thing I can figure is that the lady from Community Chiropractic wrote some info on my “food sheet” that might not be totally accurate. Like she said you could have ½ head of lettuce. Apparently you can only have 3 ounces of veggies- I think I’d been having a little more than that. And also- I had forgotten that the 3.5 ounces of protein was BEFORE cooking it- I’d been measuring cooked chicken to 3.5 ounces. And I don’t know- maybe my apples have been too big? Or maybe my HCG has lost it’s potency. All I know is that I’m totally frustrated. I’m going to cut way back today and make sure everything is 100% accurate and if I don’t have a loss tomorrow I’ll call community chiropractic and find out if the stuff I have is crap- it says it dosen't expire until 3/09 so it should be Ok, right? I always keep it wrapped up in tin foil and in a baggie in the fridge...
Oh- and I HAVE been drinking tONS of water too. So can you see my frustration?

Ok... Here's the deal. You cannot ever possibly be consistent in HIGH losses. Your body needs time to adjust and it takes time & water-weight to break down the last of those fat cells. The hcg first empties the fat cells in a certain layer of abnormal fat ... after it's gone thru a layer, it has to break down the outside of the cell. This will cause a slow down, stall or even a slight gain as the hcg will retain water to do that final cleaning. And then you may see a big loss.

As much as we all want to believe the '1 pound a day' advertisement, Dr Simeons said the AVERAGE daily loss to be expected is .4-.6 a day. It's not always a straight line of losses... It is cyclic... chart your progress and you'll start to see the pattern. The first week is usually the best in each round. By week 3 losses are much slower. That's why I do short rounds... 3 weeks on, 1-2 weeks off. Just to give myself a mental break & keep from the week 4 temptations.

The hcg is good untio 2009 in it's powder form. Once it is mixed, it loses potency in about a month, sometimes longer. You can get a dollar store pregnancy test and put a drop of your solution on it to see if it shows positive or not.

3 oz of lettuce is NOT enough. Half a head is more like it. You can eat a LOT of veggies. Fruit needs to be more exact but don't worry about it. Dr S says 1 large apple is better than 2 small ones because there is more calories in 2 small ones. 1/2 grapefruit is considered 1 fruit. And weighing your meat raw is best. Some people cannot mix their veggies at all. Some people cannot eat a specific food.... Some do better when they eat beef only once, etc. You have to keep trying things that work best for you. If you join the hcg group I have linked to the right, you can post your daily journal what you eat & the mods can see what's going on & give you advice.

Some people have to eat ALL allowed calories to lose weight, some have to eat a little under (skip the fruit for example) .

Another biggie... constipation is a factor that does cost weight! Taking magnesium or smooth move tea can keep things moving for you.

Also, low thyroid issues do make for smaller losses in general because thyroid is intimately connected to how you hold onto weight. Make sure you're taking your thyroid meds while on protocol unless your tests are showing that you don't need them during protocol. Always watch for hyper-thyroid symptoms when taking thyroid meds on protocol. Some people do have that change while on protocol.

I hope I've been able to comfort you.. how much have you lost total so far in 8 days? Day 1 of vlcd is considered day 1 of diet. If you've lost a lot your first days, you will slow down for your body to adjust.... AND losses are faster for those that have more to lose ... those that had over 100 lbs to lose that started when I did have lost 70-80 lbs already, where I've only lost 43. Those that have only 20 lbs to lose will be slower to lose too. The last 20 lbs are slower to come off.


My stats today: down 1 pound! I am now at 159.2!! woohooo!!

I went to my doc yesterday & got a steroid shot and she started me on Cipro antibiotic for helping heal my leaky gut syndrome. And I got 2 different scripts for my pain. I ended up puking last night... very strangely & suddenly with no fever. I am thinking I had a reaction to one of the meds but not sure which one. I was surprised to see such a loss since 'sickness' usually causes your body to retain water to heal and deal.

I am exctatic to see the 150 numbers on the scale! I have waited soooo long & have been stalled in the 160's thru a lot of healing! I am GLAD to be over that!!! whoot! whoot!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

can't think of anything creative

HA! Can you tell by my title of this post that all creativity has been lost for the moment!

Today I was up .2 so no biggie. It seems that I am feeling ovulation pains so that could be the culprit. Or my body wants to continue to mess with me by hovering just above 159! I'm in the frame of mind I don't really care right now.

I had a doc appt today and got different meds. She wants me to do 2 antibiotics.. one to kill klebisellia pneumonia and another to kill candida. I also got a steroid shot in the rear to hopefully tone this flare down. And several new pain scripts.

And today I resigned myself to getting a handicapped placard for my vehicle. It is quite a blow for me to officially admit that I am disabled. I haven't gone out much because most places have parking that is filled up all the time and I'm terrified to walk more than a few steps when it is icy out. Esp when I'm on the cane. So hopefully this will help.

For those that are interested... spondylitis is of the Lupus family and very similar but spondy attacks where the tendons meet the bone so visible inflammation isn't there. The end goal of the disease is to fuse all joints solid. The main place the disease manifests is tailbone (SI joint), hips and spine. Some people have a finger get fused, some their teeth, or jaw, etc. It is an odd disease for sure! Here's an explanation written by a gal with Lupus that works for many similar cronic diseases... called The Spoon Theory ...


Monday, December 8, 2008

again! almost there!

I went up .6 yesterday and then down .8 today, so my final weigh in this morning was 160.0. I was shocked to see that since I did not do well yesterday.

today is a completely bad day for me physically and I have no hunger because of my intense pain. My hubby stopped thru a Burger King today and made me eat a plain burger with no bun just to get something inside me as he drove me to an appt today.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

almost there

today I am down ... to 160.2

We'll see what happens as this storm blowing thru continues to intensify my flare. Swollen joints add weight.... I was shocked at the number this morning. I got on saw the 160.2 and my brain thought it said 161.2, which meant a slight gain. I moseyed to my paper to write the number down before I forgot & was stunned for a minute ... there's no way I lost that much! SO I jumped back on the scale and sure enough.... it said 160.2!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008



162.4 - 161.6 = down 0.8

I'm hoping for a much deserved GOOD round this time!! I've been daily ingesting strawberry smoothies (frozen strawberries, ice, water, splenda) which greatly curbs my appetite. I don't even have hunger to eat much of anything else so I'm hoping this is a good sign of moving on!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More questions!

I'm answering another question here because I'm sure others are wondering as well....

1) Do you follow a workout program? I have heard conflicting things regarding exercising. Some people say it's OK to continue IF you have already been doing something- but don't start anything new? Do you have opinion on this? I lift weights everyday and do cardio 3 x a week...
2) Have you ever heard of anyone who the diet has NOT worked for? I guess i'm just so paranoid that I'll be that one person in the world who will follow it to the T and not have it work.

I do not follow a workout program and my hubby does not either. I have spondylitis... a spine & joint disease that prevents me from doing much of anything, esp during the fall & winter. Once this flare settles down & I'm at my goal weight I will work at something as my body allows.

Most people on hcg do no exercise program because as you exercise, your muscles retain water to 'heal' and you will not know if the gain you encounter is water from exercise or not. So most just relax and enjoy their time without exercise. Exercise does NOT speed up the losses.

Some people do light exercises like yoga, stretches & walks. It is best to have started these things before protocol. Those that were running & weight training before protocol find they don't have enough energy to continue

The diet has not worked for some people. They've gone on p3 and gained everything back that they lost. The main reason is because they have not changed their eating habits and continue to eat the junk that has made them fat. Some also gain because they continue on a no-fat diet which is not good for our bodies. We need good fats. All the low-fat & no-fat foods have additives that are toxic to us and cause weight gain very quickly. When we eat toxic chemicals (hydrogenated oils, msg, aspertame, and all those huge words I cannot pronounce) our body has to deal with them in the only way it knows how... it stores it away in our fat. If you have no fat to store toxins, your body will make more fat to do just that. It is all part of our survival mechanism.

Some gain weight becuse they have not completely dealt with their eating issues that cause them to gain. Those that have a lot of cheating/deviations during p2 typically have problems keeing their weight off during their resting phase 3.

Another thing to remember... the hcg may take your body to a weight you didn't even think about. As we women have babies & mature, our bodies change. I know I've lost a LOT of muscle these past years. When I was in the Navy I weighed 150 lbs and a size 6-8 pants which is considered overweight for my small stature of 5'3", but the Navy said I was within normal body fat measurements so I was not overweight because of my muscle mass. I initially thought I'd be fine at 150 lbs but looking at my body right now at 163, I realize I will get to a weight even lower than I expect. Heck, I may even see the 130's! That would be freaky!

So for those going on protocol... don't limit yourself to a weight. Many have thought they'd hit, say.. 120 and they become upset when the hcg stops working at 128. So they push the protocol to get to that los 120 number at the expense ofmuscle & structural body fat. If you try to push it, your body will gain it right back and you will suffer the effects of being on a 500 calorie diet and your body may possibly go into starvation mode and start storing fat again! So you have to also deal mentally with those issues as you get close to the end.

I hope that was explained ok for everyone!

Today is my day 2 on vlcd. I was 163.4 yesterday and today I am 162.4 for a loss of 1 lb. My loading weight is nearly gone.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back on hcg

I took a week break & started hcg again yesterday with a slight loading day. I've kept withing 2 lbs above my last hcg dose so that is great! Today I started VLCD day and am feeling very focused. I had a difficult time last week on p3 because I am not supposed to eat dairy or eggs because of food sensitivities. I decided to eat the dairy to help with fat intake but I found my appetite was not good all week. I am hoping after next payday I'll be able to go to my doc and get some of my allergies cleared so I can eat more variety while on my next p3 during Christmas!

My weight today was 163.4 .. that was 1 lb gain from my mini-load day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End of round 3 .... officially

I have stopped hcg for a p3 break for Thanksgiving. P3 means phase 3 and means a time between hcg rounds that entail normal amt of calories consisting of no processed foods or starches or sugars. Things like breads, pasta, potatoes and sugar foods are not 'allowed'. High fat foods.. the good fats... are to be eaten as well as veggies & fruits.

This time is to help us re-learn how to eat and allow our bodies a time of adjusting to burning full calories as well. This is a time where we are not supposed to lose or gain more than 2 lbs without correcting immediately AND this is when our skin tightens up and inches can be lost even though pounds are stabalized.

I've not taken more than 2 weeks off of hcg because I am very impatient. I think this impatience is bitting me in the butt and keeping me with slow losses. Sometimes rushing the losses causes our bodies & minds to rebell and slow down. This is such a drastic protocol that it does strange things to us. I will stay on p3 at least a week. Depending upon what happens during that time.

Hubby is on break with me. He's down to his last pounds but hasn't experienced 'the end' yet. I'm not sure if he'll continue a short round before Christmas or not. He almost looks emaciated! But once he starts to work out and build muscle, he'll look better. It is very odd to see him so scrawny... he's no longer 'filled out' anymore! LOL! I cannot imagine what his mind is saying about my changes! hehehehe!

strange thing happened.. TOM arrived at day 24 this time.. and it's different... lasting nearly a week now and nothing heavy... maybe it's because the progesterone cream I've been taking this month is balancing my system out causing a strange cycle... Normally on hcg TOM's visits are very short... 2 days and that is it.

Time will tell. Maybe it is good that I am stopping for a break. Get things settled down. After this break, I will call myself into Round 4 of hcg. There's nothing official in determining what round you are in, though so it doesn't really matter. Dr Simeons says a round has 3 weeks of break btwn them.

Well, if I don't post anything tomorrow, I'll wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving today!! We have no family locally and just celebrate amongst ourselves. Hubby will be heading up North near Ludington that afternoon to go hunting. We usually don't make a big deal of holidays with food because... well... I guess food isn't a big deal for us! And I HATE leftovers so I never over-cook!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Answering another question

This is amazing. I am happy for you.

I have questions though.

1) How do know what the right dosage is for us? Is 125 I.U. supposed to be universally working to everyone?

2) Were you hungry when you started? I thought i properly loaded up during the first 2 injections ... yet, i still feel hungry. I am on my 4th injection today (2nd diet day).

Thanks. I really appreciate your response.

125 iu is a place to start. Some do 150, some 175, or whatever. You may experience hunger up to 2 weeks.

But you must also note... is it physical hunger or mental hunger?

Physical hunger growling pains can usually be quenched with drinking a larger cup of water or tea. Most people do not realize that our first hunger pains are actually of thirst. And when we feel 'thirst' that actually means we are in severe dehydration levels.

Mental hunger is the most common problem you have to go thru and re-teach your body and mind about. Do you find yourself wandering the cupboards or fridge at night? That's a signal of boredom hunger. The signals are different for each person but if you stop and think about if you're really hungry or'll soon learn that it is not physical hunger.

Chamomile tea is a good one that helps curb your 'hunger' and helps relax you from the stress of not being able to eat like you are used to eating.

Remember, the hcg keeps your body from starvation mode so you are not going to starve! Make sure you are eating a LOT of the allowed veggies as their calorie count is very low. Write down your food each day in a journal & how you feel. Maybe you do better on a certain food combination than others. I am always hungry after eating apples. So I cut them out. When I consume strawberries, my hunger is non-existent.


My stats today: I am down to 160.8 !!!

This is what we call 'virgin territory'! LOL! I haven't been here in a loooong time! I'm hoping my deviations from yesterday pass over with little damage. I had a super hectic day of dr appts and no time to eat properly. I had to be at an 8 am appt for my VA compensation & disability appointment that was 1.5 hours away and had to take the kids with. So that was an EARLY morning! UGH! My one daughter had several specialist appts when we got back & then an ortho appt. Afterwards her & I spent some alone time and went 'shopping'. She's the middle child of 5 and really needed that time alone! So I drank 2 strawberry smoothies btwn appts had a taco & diet soda (gross!) with my daughter before shopping because I was feeling really dizzy & light-headed. I was worried about low blood sugar. It was great being able to try on clothes & know they will look decent on me. Normally I get severely depressed with how clothes look on me. I got home at 9 pm and ate most of my protein for the day. I lost this morning, but I seem to have a delayed reaction to deviations. All the activity yesterday threw me into a huge flare today. Swollen joints do not help the scales much either!

Hubby is also in virgin territory at 150.0 lbs!

Friday, November 14, 2008

new photos of my losses

so please close your eyes if you're offended by underwear pictures of a fat person! LOL!

I am only 1 lb different from the last 2 pictures. But remember that the last 8 lbs of those losses were when I did not take enough hcg & went into starvation mode. Which packed on all the weight as soon as I started proper protocol.

But it is nice to see the changes & sculpting being done inspite of a protocol malfunction! I have lost inches for sure! I love the fact that my biceps are losing!

HCG really works like nothing else!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


today I am down from 163.4 to 162.4
Hubby is down from 153.2 to 151.0

Finally!! Hopefully we're both over our little stalls. I thin I'm going thru inches losing again because I feel so horribly fat. This is a sign of cells reducing because they are looser & floppier.

I hope I've gotten to the root of my mental issues to get on with the losses. It's amazing how things of our past affect us now. I always knew that & have gone thru a LOT of healing, but I never knew that my BODY would remember things too. My mind was eager & ready to lose, but my body was not. What an amazing creation our bodies are!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks to all Veterans!

First.. Happy Birthday US Marines! Yesterday was their official birthday celebrating 233 years! whoot!!

Second.. today is Veteran's Day & I'd like to say THANK YOU to all who have served & to all who have died to make this nation & keep this nation free. Freedom isn't really free.

I'm still stalled at 163 and working on the constipation factor. As well as the other mental factors where I am continuing having mental issues in dealing with the losses & fear of becoming thin. I need to stop punishing myself for things in my past and get over it already! ugh! I'm very ready to move on to the 150's era of weight!

so all who are out there watching & reading... PRAY for me! & send THIN thoughts my way... ok?!

Monday, November 10, 2008

some thoughts about being on a low calorie diet protocol

I have posted on myhcgjourney this response to a concern/question about being on a low calorie diet with hcg. People are often concerned because we're 'taught' that low calories are bad and are my words:

Yes, we ALL have been indoctrinated to question the low calorie diet. In fact.. I have GAINED weight by reducing calories too much these past 12 years. I've starved myself FAT! My alternative doc suggested this protocol for me because I asked her how to get my body out of starvation reflex mode. I've done EVERYTHING... even took out sugars & starchy veggies out of my diet for a year with NO change in weight.

One of my friends is a HUGE , burly man who does extensive outdoor labor and is borderline diabetes because of his weight. His wife got the hcg & started him on it inspite of his 'fears' of such reduced calories. He started day 1 of VLCD on Monday.. has moved his belt 3 notches and is doing physical things he hasn't been able to do in years. Today we met up with him & he couldn't stop talking about how much more energy he has inspite of his VLCD. His heart palpatations are gone and some sort of cronic headache is gone too. He couldn't stop talking about how he felt on the diet.

My hubby's confirmed the same thing. Everyone poo-pooh's his 'diet' as so unsafe, but he is always eager to get off the p3 breaks because his fatigue is non-existent on protocol.

I'm the same way. As are most people. The traditional theories and teachings on abnormal fat and how to get rid of it is just a theory .. it is still a mystery that nobody really can explain. I think Dr S had divine inspiration & insight to the problem. Our bodies are still a mystery, no matter what 'science' says. Being in alternative health, this should make sense because alternative medicine often times goes against the traditional medicine school of teachings.

Think about this.. if our system of weight loss as we know it is so 'right on'.. then why are there more & more obese people? I understand the dynamics of society's lack of exercise and proper nourishment.. but HOW do we FIX this problem once it is messed up? Diet and exercise DO NOT work to fix the underlying problem.

Yes, some people are not obese and do the protocol. But they are doing it to stop the problem before it gets out of control. Call it preventative medicine, if you will.

This protocol slaps each one of us in the first 2 weeks. It shows us our emotional eating behaviors as well as teaches us that eating is not a past-time or recreational event. It also helps detox us from the chemicals & sugars we're addicted to. With the help of this forum, people are taught about healthy choices for their future.

This protocol is a cleansing of the mind and body. It re-sets a messed-up system to get back on track. The same way I take Armour Thyro meds ... to give my thyroid a rest to see if it will re-set on it's own. I take progesterone to help my hormones get in balance. I will also be going thru a NAET program to re-set my body's sensitivities to foods before they become a worse allergy. And, since I have 2 autoimmune diseases (one with no real treatment I am willing to go thru) I will probably start taking low dose naltrexone that has shown to re-set a messed up immune system.

I see the hcg protocol the same way. Yes, we whoot & cheer & make it look like an 'easy fix' of our abnormal fat problem. But really, it is a DEEP & DIFFICULT thing to go thru. A lot of willpower and tears goes into each pound lost. Each person emerges a different person as they deal with past traumas and fears as they lose each pound.

And the best part about this protocol.. nobody.. NOBODY is making millions of dollars on people's abnormal fat loss. All the other programs out there are backed by money greed, if you want to get down to the truth of it. The 'diet industry' is billion dollars large and they teach their own ideas of losing weight. Because their food will then need to be eaten or their exercise program needs to be followed to be successful. As long as we are still fat and still wanting to lose it, THEY will be making money. They really don't want us to lose. Look at Oprah or Kirstey Alley..... their programs do NOT work to deal with the root of their problem. They are putting a bandaid on a broken leg.. and then jumping on a trampoline. More damage gets done.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

shot myself in the foot today

sigh.. I deviated last night late at TGI Friday's (I ate some ice cream)... and paid the price today.. up a pound.. 163...

I was good today, but ended up shooting myself in the foot. I ate strawberries to curb my hunger and wound up not eating any protein. We had a birthday party to go to & she was serving tacos.. I thought I would be able to eat the taco meat & lettuce but she added the re-fried beans to the meat as I suggested (to thicken the meat since she added too much water). so anyway, I realized what I did to myself as soon as she added the beans.. there went my food!! ugh! We got home too late to do anything about it.

so hopefully I'll be ok tomorrow. Surprisingly, I'm not very hungry.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the Ball was a blast!


so here's me & hubby at the Ball. Our professional pics will be sent in the mail in a couple weeks and I'll post them when they come in.

The Ball was a blast & quite an emotional event for us. We miss it soooo much... sigh....

Hubby's basically at goal & his uniform was no longer too tight at his neck or anywhere else! Thank YOU hcg!! Here's a better pic of him...


he went from a tight 36 pants to a loose 32 (notice, he wore his belt UNDER his belly bulge so his belly was larger..). From 180 lbs down to 151 lbs. He's going to continue until all his abnormal fat is gone. We don't know what that weight will be but the symptoms will be similar to a body reacting to a 500 calorie diet.

I have finally lost inches overnight. I put my gown on for the Ball & the bodice was LOOSE! Thankfully my waist was tight enough to hold everything up or I'd have popped out of the top! LOL!

Of course the angle of the photo shows me looking pudgier than I do in real life, but that's ok. I've always taken bad pictures that make me look fatter than what real life shows....

So now my size 10 GAP pants are loose and baggy with this recent reduction. We both deviated yesterday & today, as to be expected at such an event. Hopefully it will pass quickly & hasn't thrown me into a stall/gain again. but with the recent loss.. I don't think that is the case.

I felt so confident at the Ball... I was glowing with joy. I can't believe how much excessive weight has changed me. Well.. Actually, getting the weight off has changed my personality. I was always shy & timid, but now (esp since my Boston trip) I feel strong & beautiful & confident! Esp each day that I am able to 'preen' without shame in front of the mirror. I am really considering buying a mirror for my bedroom instead of having to stand on a stool to see half of myself in the bathroom mirror....

...that would be amazing....

Friday, October 31, 2008

strawberries are my lifesaver!

Just wanted to post this out there before I forgot. My body LOVES strawberries. I seem to lose better & have less issues with cravings & deviations! I realized today that I started protocol during strawberry picking season & I did very well my first round.

These last could of months have been apple season and ... well.... I've not done well at all. Hunger all the time & I had a lot of cravings.

So I stopped the apples & decided to spend the $$ on strawberries and I can go ALL day without eating much! YES!!

I've noticed there are others on the hcgjourney group that have the same thing happening to them. Some people are the opposite.. can eat apples but not strawberries.

Some cannot eat beef 2x a day & some cannot eat cabbage & lose. It's such a unique journey it's hard to know unless you write down what you are eating & how you feel after & how well your losses are in general.

I spent a wonderful afternoon with my 3 daughters at the mall today. I had to use my cane to save my hip for tomorrow. I remember last winter doing the same. Even though I didn't hurt the whole day, if I didn't use my cane & had to do a lot of walking, esp days in a row.. it would make my hip flare much worse & for longer. So when I use the cane & give it a break, I don't do as much damage.

It is very embarrassing to be 34 years old walking with a cane though. But I've got a good rhythm and can usually walk a fast pace with it ... that is until one of the kids cuts me off! LOL! Then they get 'caned'! LOL! I found a nice pair of black satin strappy shoes for $19! Whoot for the sale! And a little black clutch purse for %5 that will fit my camera, gloves, face powder & lipstick. And I broke down and bought a lipstick that will last for 15 hours and (FINALLY) in a color that looks good. Sadly, it was ..eeek...$25. But I've bought so many other colors & brands at the store only to get it home & say .... YUCK! or have it wear off as soon as I take a drink of water. So I guess the money I saved on all the other things, I used up on lipstick!

Tomorrow I pack the kids to a sitter & get my nails before we drive out to Lansing for the Ball. Here's our schedule of events:

1500 : get to hotel
1800 : Cocktail starts
1850 : Seated
1900 : Ceremony begins
1945 : Diner served

Then dancing the night away in my Gunny's arms!!

So that's my blurb for this evening. I'm sure you really don't want to hear all about my shopping & Ball planning.. but that's ok. Welcome to my life! LOL! It must be somewhat interesting because I get a LOT of hits each day! WOOOHOOO!!

Thanks for tuning in! Have a blessed weekend!

goose egg

I'm the same today.. 162.0
Hubby is down 151.8

Today is the final shopping for the Ball tomorrow!! Gotta find a lipstick and maybe black shoes. I have silver ones hoping to find silver gloves.

If I don't get the black shoes I will not wear the ivory gloves. I tried on the gown with gloves & with the 2 wraps. Hubby & I agree that matching the gown with the wrap looked better than matching the gloves with the wrap. Initially in my mind I thought to match the gloves, but since it is a strapless gown, it was too much of one color on top & bottom. The wrap matching my gown looked very put-together.

I also need to get a little purse. And then I'm done. Nails will be done tomorrow before we head to the hotel. We arrive in Lansing at 3 & I'm not really sure what time the dinner begins.. gotta call the Master Sergeant and find out!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm saying good-bye to 165!!

ok.. ((still whispering here.....)) I'm down to 162.0 today....yeahhh!! shhhh.. don't tell my body yet.... we'll speak it outloud when I get to 45 lbs lost, ok?? I'm happy to be farther away from the 165 number that my body wanted to stall out on... sheesh....

I'm very happy to be out of that horrid stall! Finally I am (shhh) 40 lbs down and am anxious to see the new 'century' within DAYS!! Oh my goodness!! I'm in what is known on the group as virgin territory!! I haven't seen these numbers for a loooooong time.


Hubby is down 1.4 from yesterday.... 153.8-152.4
I am down 1.0 from yesterday ....... 163.0 - 162.0

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

40 lbs lost today!!whoot whoot!!

Shhhhh.. I don't want my body to know I've lost 40 lbs today... Last time I hit .4 away from the 40 lb mark & celebrated, all heck broke loose & it took me almost 3 months to recover!!

I believe I've finally passed thru this stalling point and have been able to get used to becoming thin and can finally push on to weightloss again because I DESERVE IT!

Yesterday I went to the store to get some thigh-high panyhose for the Ball and was SHOCKED to read that I could buy the S/M size!!! I got weapy eyed when I read the sizing chart! I'm still in a dream-like fog about this whole thing and it seems like a dream come true. Normally only crappy things ever seem to happen to me, so I am so very excited about this immense blessing that has come my way!

The immense jiggle I was dealing with earlier this month is starting to go away and tighten up. YES! I also saw a picture my 3 yo son had taken of me on the computer & was stunned to actually see a decent image of me! Normally my upper arms are so huge all I can see is their fat... this time I saw ...gulp... regular-sized arms!! That really put a smile on my face!

Today I need to get to work and make the wraps and try on the gown again to see if I need to take it in and raise the hem..... 3 days left.... squeeeee!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

down again

My stats: 164.4
hubby's: 153.2

I'm slightly depressed at all my allergies.. but it is helping me keep from the small deviations & from even wanting to deviate. All I have to think is.... that is TOXIC for my body & I can't eat it because of that. Wow.. the power of my mind!

My dilemma that I need some imput on.. I"ll see if I can post a poll...

My gown is a dark navy blue.. my gloves are ivory. Do I match my wrap with my gown or my gloves?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Food allergy/sensitivities

I got the results for my food sensitivities lab back today and here are my results... makes sense since several of the foods I've been eating are on this list & I've not been losing... (eggs, cottage cheese, tomaoto as well as nuts on my off hcg days)

Foods I MUST avoid:

chicken eggs
cottage cheese
peanut butter

Anything containing gluten


green olive

black walnut
sesame seed

soy (tamari)
soy sauce

coconut oil
peanut oil
walnut oil
safflower oil
sesame oil

alcoholic beverages
fermented beverages
black tea
tomato juice
coconut milk
cashew milk

beet sugar
cane sugar
baker's yeast
brewer's yeast

sadly, many of these foods are things I really like. My options left are not many of my enjoyable ones... like....grapefruit, scallop, shrimp, celery, eggplant, ......

sigh. But all on the last 2 groupings are because of candida... which makes sense. I've got a script to kill Klebisellia & one to kill candida and we'll see what happens from there!

I loaded back on hcg yesterday & am still in a big flare I didn't get on the scale today. I also started TOM yesterday as well, which causes a lot of bloating for me.

I should start to do really well on protocol now that I cannot eat anything! LOL!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Break time

I'm on day 3 of no hcg. I've decided to take a mini-break to give myself a..... well ... a break! LOL! I have been very frustrated and needed this. I think I may start vlcd tomorrow with hcg. I've been eating a lot of fats these past 3 days... cheese, nuts, cream cheese-pumpkin-pie smoothie (oh YUM!!) Surprisingly I have not eaten much. But that is to be expected on the first days, sometimes a whole week after getting off hcg. I suppose it is from the stomach used to only small amts of food at a time for a long period.
Well, I'm off to show another gal how to get started on protocol so I need to cut off this post. TTYL!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


AARRGGHH!!!! I'm still going up & down.... 165.5, 164.6, 165.2, 164.4......sheesh! you'd think I'd be over this already. Not sure why, really. I stopped my hormone cream end of last week thinking maybe that was doing something.

Maybe my fall-season flare-up is contributing to this problem.
Probably the chronic constipation contributes..

Mostly it may be from the fact I started daily tanning sessions to get my skin glowing for the ball. I'm using bronzer lotion on my arms, chest & back since that is all that will be showing. I looked at the ingredients & am very surprised that there is NO mineral oil in it! All natural oils, which could be causing these issues.

I'm ok with the weight issues in trade for a glow! I got a package of unlimited sessions for 2 weeks for $19.99! I'm not a coniseur of tanning, but I felt that was a great deal.

Oh the trials & tribulations... sigh... but I KNOW this... I'm SOOO happy for This hCG protocol!

My squishy fat is starting to tighten. My belly looks like a war-zone with all the stretch marks dealing with the loss of fat! LOL! Looks like vertical wrinkles on my lower belly! LOL! I'm happy to see them look like that because that means the fat is decreasing.

So I feel like crap today ... there's stress abounding in the house...laundry is piling up.... kids are not wanting to clean their messes.... concentration on school is nearly impossible... I've got pain and fatigue.... I feel like getting a dairy queen! I guess I'll gather the ingredients to make a strawberry slushie instead.

I found that eating apples makes me hungrier than normal. Strawberries stop my hunger all day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

11 days until the Ball!

Well, my losses haven't been what I had hoped for. But I know something is changing because the gown may need to be taken in already. The only things I have left to do is get a small purse, make a wrap, get the hotel booked, and work on obtaining a better tan without getting burned.

I have wobbled btwn 165 and 164 all week. Up & down. I had a few days of taking a LOT of vitamin C to deal with an oncoming cold and got it stopped immediately. But I think the supplement caused me the slight yo-yo effect. Plus last week I overdid the magnesium and had effects for 2-3 days. Then I dealt this whole weekend.. Fri - Sun with amazing growling hunger. I felt like my gut was trying to digest itself! I spent most of the weekend at the malls to finish shopping for the Ball and spent time with a friend so hubby could finish laying down the parkay wood floor in our dining room & hallway. Had to keep the munchkins busy and out of the way.

I'm noticing that my skin is tightening up a bit and the jiggle is less. Hurray! Good thing to see happening.

Today I am at 164.6
Hubby is at 155.6

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

another day

today I am the same: 164.4
today hubby went up .2: 167.0

He overate calories yesterday, forgetting the portion size of protein and all that is allowed on protocol. It sometimes takes a few days to get back into the swing of things.

I am going thru constipation (still) & ovulation and HOPE & PRAY that I will see 163 tomorrow!!!! I have waited & waited & struggled to get back to the 163's!! That is my official 40 lbs lost mark.

I canned a bushel of apples into applesauce & apple pie slices. One bushel to go. I may wait a few days to get this joint pain down more from the activity & weather changes.

My friend & I are planning to go gown shopping on Thursday morning. YIKES! Ball is sooooooooo close! 17 days away!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

hubby has started protocol

Hubby has started protocol again. We believe this will be his last round. Today he wore a size 32 waist pants. He started at a tight 36! I'm amazed at the transformations even thru his last break. His 'jowels' are decreasing and his fine jawline is strong again! WOOHOOO! We have 18 days until The Ball......!!

Going out with my friend tomorrow a couple hours to look for a gown. I did an egg day today to see if I could push my body a little faster. We'll see what happens in the morning~


I went up a pound on Sunday, but then back down a pound today... I'm hoping it's all part of the yo-yo that happens before a big drop.... I am constipated too. Took a huge dose of magnesium last night with little effect.....

164.4 today...again.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

ups & downs

Sigh... finally able to update my blog! I've been dealing with a severe attack of pain this past week and had to spend time at the docs to try to get things straightened out.
I had stepped down off a stool just hard enough to throw my hip 'out' which threw my whole spine out, causing some thorasic ribs to be 'out' and rotated. Thus, causing a severely stiff neck. which caused constant headache, causing me to be downright irritable! The weekend was spent in Detroit doing final cleanup of our double-wide and to say last good-byes to the place that has been a financial burden in our backside for many years.

During the week I went up 2 pounds. ugh. Now the major part of the flare is down to functioning level, I am back down to 165.2.

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is scheduled Nov 1st. So that gives me 23 days to get some more fat off! I am getting GEEKED!! A little scared because right now I've got such loose fat, I seem more fat than I am. If that makes any sense. Everything is jiggling & dunlapping over... very gross to see 'jello' on me! But the happy news is I can fit (tightly) a couple formals I had in Highschool. My bosom is just too big. So I'm hoping my backfat will be down enough to fit a gown nicely for the Ball.

Hubby is considering doing another round to get a bit more off so he fits his uniform even better. He's also noticed he feels better while on protocol! Energy-wise & IBS issues too. So I'm thinking he's dealing with some allergies while off protocol. Time to go to a doc & find out! My food allergy tests are in, but the doc hasn't talked to me about them yet. She works with another doc that has a method of getting rid of those allergies/sensitivities, which I am excited to know about.

Sorry for being MIA. I forget about everyone that is following my blog! I feel blessed to have so many interested in my journey! I am so used to being a nobody that I have forgotten about you all. For that, please forgive me!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

whoot for my losses!

down today: 166.4 - 165.0 = - 1.4 losses

Monday, September 29, 2008

reporting for today

Monday's stats: down 1.2

167.6-166.4 = - 1.2

today I am in a spondy flare. high pain, high swelling. The storm passed thru & I hope it is over so I can have a better day tomorrow.

I'm very happy to see I'm no longer sabotaging myself! I'm very pleased with my high losses! whoot whoot! But this squish is really getting on my nerves. ugh!

squishy fat
squishy fat
far, far away!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

down again...whoot!

Down 1.2 today. I put on my size 10 GAP jeans and they're fitting even better than when I bought them 2 weeks ago! I'm happily watching the fat melt off this round!! FINALLY!! I've been taping myself too & noticing the changes in the measurements. I'll post when there is an inch to make mention of... soon....

((insert happy dance here))

My ticker has not been moving because of the problems with the beginning of this round.. I have gone up and have not recovered that lowest weight. Hopefully this next week I'll see that weight again!

my stats:
168.8 - 167.6 = -1.2

Saturday, September 27, 2008

squishy fat, squishy fat

The strangest part of this protocol is the 'squishy fat'. It is VERY loose & wiggly-jiggly. Much like jello. I am very grossed out right now because of all the puff-n-stuff because it is so THERE. This is a good thing to go thru because I know within the next few days or possibly weeks, I'll be going down inches again as the hcg men are working to reduce the fat cells and lose the water for that final flush.

Today I am up 1.6 lbs because of TOM cycle starting and I had a date with hubby last night & ate off protocol a bit. It is good to be re-connecting with each other. We've lost a lot these past few years of busy-ness and falling away, into our routines of life and chaos. Now our oldest is able to babysit and we're able to re-connect again.

My trip to Boston was renewing & an awakening for me personally. I am very muc changed inside, in a good way. In a way I have been desiring for my whole life. I feel confident & free. I wonder how much of it is related to the changes of my hcg journey?

I'll be placing an order tonight for hcg that will hopefully be my last order. I am hoping to be done before November. My goal was to be done so I could celebrate with hubby at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with my slim bod. But with how slow I have been going lately, I don't know if I will make it.....snif.. sigh..

But I've realized these past few months of stalling myself have been my own internal issues of dealing with the weightloss. It has taken me time to get used to the new size and the complete sucess of the protocol. I wasn't ready to hit the 150's. My trip to Boston has helped me heal & get thru that. It was like being in a rock & a hard place. I WANTED to be thin quicker, but inside, I really wasn't ready, I guess.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

down 1 lb!

Down another pound today! YES!!! That makes 2.4 in 2 days... I HOPE with everything inside me that this is going to be a good round! I believe I have all the fear healed inside me & that it will no longer stop me from succeeding! Esp in the weight-loss department!

Last week, after my wonderful last-minute trip to Boston, I purchased my first pair GAP jeans size 10!! A little muffin-top happening, but they feel soooo good!!

Hubby's still on break, leaving the last 2 vials of hcg for me. I'm planning on placing another order today or tomorrow. He's been doing awesome in making good choices & re-thinking what he puts into his body!! It is such a miracle to see his mindset change! I'm soo proud of him!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I went from 170.8 to 169.4, so that is a 1.4 loss which is great to see! whoot! But I've been puzzled lately about my body being stuck in the 160's.. I got sooo close to the 150's and then bounced back up to struggle even more! Then I read a post on Biz' journal describing the same thing I'm going thru. The daily stress of life put on top of getting so close to a goal seems to bring of a sense of fear that stops the losses. I keep doing stupid things like eating some crackers before bed even though I'm not craving them! I'd occasionally eat things like that before with no stalls, but now, it seems like my fear is making the stalls happen.

So I guess, mentally, the battle is on and I HAVE TO WIN to get thru this fear.

I'll be posting more later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FUN shop

I've been working on an idea... and hopefully others agree! I've created a few fun things specifically for those on this hCG journey!

Here are the links of some creations for mugs, shirts, journals and more. Make sure toclick on the 4 different images below to see all that is offered!




Trip to Boston

I had a last minute invite to go to Boston and I HAD A BLAST!! The people I went with were the BEST company I have been with in such a long time, it really made the trip even better! We went thru Niagara Falls, to Boston, then to Plymouth and home to view many of the historical places there. I'll have to say, for being a small town girl, that big city was so thrilling! The smells, sounds, sights..... ahhhhhhh! opened a part of me I forgot was in there!

Today I am starting back on the hcg VLCD with about 5 lbs over last hcg weight. I think most is water gain and 4 of it was gained befor my trip to Boston. I am proud at staying close to protocol during the trip with a few sweet allowances each day if I felt I wanted something special. Some days there were no places to eat a good protein breakfast without the bread so I just ate & enjoyed. Seeing that I gained under a pound over the past 5 days was very encouraging. We did a LOT of walking so maybe some gain is from that as well.

I am anxious and determined to be very strict and get this lbs off quickly. I can't wait to see the 150's! I've been stalled here in the 160's for too long and I'm determined to push thru.

I have added a link to the right that has a Word document of the allowed foods during the 500 Very Low Calorie Diet days. Lemme know if you need it in another format! Here is the LINK as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

answering a question

Blogger Amy said...

Trudi- 1st of all Congratulations on all your success! Weight loss is never an "easy" journey but it sounds like you are doing very well!

I have a couple questions about the HCG diet that I'm hoping you can help me with- or at least just give me your opinion...

1) I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and the extra 25 lbs left is driving me crazy- call me impatient, but I've got to get it OFF! Do you think it's too soon to start HCG?

Hi Amy! Congrats on your new bundle of joy!! Remember it takes at least 1-2 years to get things situated in your body after birth. I completely understand your anxiety to get the pounds off asap, but I'd suggest waiting a couple months longer to get your hormones & everything back in order. The recommendation for returning to regular activity is 6 weeks after a baby. I'd personally wait at least 6 months. But your body is yours. You must also remember that the 25 lbs you have extra probably WILL come off within 6 months, esp if you are breastfeeding.

2) I'm currently breast feeding (actually I'm pumping and bottle feeding) but it's not going all that well- I'm about ready to quit. Do you think I need to quit completly before starting HCG? Or can I just wing it as I go. If I lose my milk then oh well, if I'm able to continue can I consider it safe? An added bonus?

I strongly advocate 'breast-is-best' for babies because formula is FAR inferior and creates a lot of 'hidden' problems, even obesity issues later in life. I do understand if your heart is not in it, then it will not work for you.

hCG is pregnancy hormone. Nothing else. I nursed while pregnant and many other moms have done the same. I'm not sure if milk supply will dwindle or not. For me, I was unable to eat enough calories while pregnant to keep up my milk supply. But that has been an issue for me with 4 of my babies. The last child (#5) I was able to nurse for 18 months without supplementing!

3) Do you think I need to go through an HCG clinc or is it safe to order items/HCG online? I had to give myself heparin shots 2x daily during pregnancies so i am very comfortable with shots. I'm more concerned about getting the right products if I order through a Canadian pharm... any thoughts?

It is very costly to do the protocol thru a clinic, and if your weight is within normal limits you will not be approved for this protocol by a clinic. This is sad because there are a LOT of people who appear to be thin but are considered obese if you look at the amt of abnormal fat they have. Anorexic people are typically 65% body fat... that's considered severely obese!

The links I have to the right of my blog can direct you to a safe company that guarantees your shipment. There are some companies that sell animal hcg instead of human hcg. And some may be cheaper but will not guarantee your shipment if it gets stopped or lost at customs or gets damaged. The link I have provided will guarantee your product or they will ship again.

Thanks so much for helping me w/my questions. I haven't been able to find a relialbe source online to answer my questions/concerns.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Amy! I'm so glad you are able to glean good information from my blog! My goal is to do just that!

Camping is over

We had a blast camping this weekend. Hubby & I stopped hcg last Monday to be able to enjoy our weekend easier. We stuck as close to p3 protocol as possible. P3 is a stabalizing period of eating proteins and fruits & veggies at 2500-3000 calories. We cooked everything over the campfire and the others let hubby & myself be in charge of the food most of the time. It was very kind of them to be as accommodating to our protocol as they were! We did deviate some, but we also expected it to happen so we were able to relax & enjoy ourselves. Our gains are up a bit, but I think mine is mostly water since I wasn't able to drink like I wanted to on our packing up & driving home day. I was in a flare & didn't have the energy to run to the bathroom all day either.

Today I am doing an egg day to get this water-weight off & get my body to my last hcg weight.

We are considering starting hcg tomorrow, but we'll see what happens on the morrow!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My face changes

I've decided to post pictures of the change in my face since I've lost 40 lbs.
Photobucket Photobucket

Can you see any changes? Some days I can't tell & other days I can see them! Such goofiness of my mind! LOL!

I've slowly been losing this week, but TOM is expected any day now. I keep forgetting to post our changes here... but our tickers are correct. I'm still not at my last hcg weight, but I know I'm losing inches right now so I'm not worried. My body has to get thru these changes since the starvation mode last couple of weeks on my last round of protocol.

For those that are new, make sure you read Pounds & Inches to better understand this wonderfully unique protocol.

I'm so very happy with the subtle changes in my body. I'm becoming more pert & petite! woohoo!

Last week I purchased a pair of size 10 capris and they were tight. I had a bad case of muffin top happening, but I got then anyway. I washed & hung them in the closet to wait until I lost more poundage. Yesterday I saw them & thought, heck, why not try them just to see... and found.. my muffin top... was.. GONE!!! well, just barely pooching at the waistband.. but they FIT after being washed!! WOWZA!!!

yeah!!! I'm getting my perky back!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

New day after loading

I started VLCD today after a couple of high fat load days. Felt so much better today I believe I'm ready to get this weight off!! So this post will be short & sweet!

Monday, August 18, 2008

starvation is not good

I found out today that I was mistaken in my assumption when I learned that sublingual users only absorb half of the hcg... so I figured maybe I absorbed it all & only needed half... oops!

I was corrected and found that my lack of hunger was actually starvation mode. So I started taking .125 ml (totaling 125IU) and started to GAIN!! I am freaking out, but this is a normal response when being starved. My body is hoarding what I eat.. which is why I got fat in the long haul!!

Hubby is doing great and continuing his decline down. Today he said he is really tired of the restricted diet but will go a bit longer to try to finish. He thinks he is only 10 lbs away from goal. I think he may be further because he has lost a lot of muscle during his military retirement. This is exactly what happened to me... last time I was this weight.. I was much smaller and has a LOT less fat on my belly... Right now it seems like I can easily lose 4 inches more of fat. Once I"m done & able to exercize, I'm sure I'll go up in weight again. I don't care about the numbers as much as the fat that I have!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starting again

I'm calling this new start Round 3, but it's not really a 3rd round because my break was only several days. But my stats are getting pretty long so I'm starting anew.

There's a storm brewing in our area and I'm in a spondy flare. I hope it goes away by tomorrow because I seem to retain water when my joints are in so much pain. I've been peeing buckets today so I'm hoping to see good losses tomorrow. I'm 2 lbs over last hcg weight which is a good thing. I'm very anxious to get this protocol completed so I can start my life a new person! It is soooo close......

Hubby started anew today as well. So hopefully he'll be finished in a couple weeks! He is anxious to start working out & running again. Ready to get buffed again like in his Marine Corps days! I can't wait to see him fit his uniform again!! hubba hubba!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today is my last day of break

I'm not sure I'm ready to go back on hcg!! I have had 1.5 days of no bloating from eating more food! And I'm enjoying the freedom!!! But I'm also anxious to get through to the 150's as quickly as possible! So tomorrow hubby & I are starting hCG and the 500 calorie diet again. We've only taken a few days off so we do not need to load at all.

On an exciting note... I brought my daughter to our chiropractor today & he noticed my losses and was very interested in my journey. He is really the first person to make a big deal of noticing my losses. Other people have told me they could see it in my face and here & there. But never made a deal ... so I have been wondering if it was really that noticeable or if I hadn't changed much in other people's eyes. I'm glad for his kind words because they really made my day!! I'm sure it's all just vanity, but I feel so good & proud of myself!

I've noticed that I have been super tired this whole time off hcg. I don't know if it's my body dealing with lack of sleep from the kids & chicken pox last week or if it's from no hcg. I picked more blueberries today with my friend and helped her make jam & pie filling this evening. So this post will be kept short because I am completely exhausted.

BICEPS?!!!!! oooooooo!!!!

Hubby was washing his hands yesterday and I walked into the bathroom to chat. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. I squealed when I saw his reflection in the mirror. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! LOOK!!! BICEPS are RIPPLING!!!!!!! I just cannot stop looking at them!!! He is starting to show definition....Yowza!!!! hubba hubba..... My MAN!!!

. . . . . okay... deep breath... calm down..... . . . .

lol! Very nice experience! I cannot wait to see those kind of changes happen in me SOON!! I've heard around 150 it happens in us women. We shall see.

We stopped hcg last Friday. It takes up to 72 hours to get the hcg out of our system. I personally think sublingual is out quicker because I get starving hunger 2 days after.

We're on a short break until Wed or so. Off hcg and eating high protein and fruits & veggies during this time to get our bodies acclimated to more food. This break also helps our metabolism learn to properly burn food we eat instead of storing fat. Taking small breaks are also great to get over a hump of poor losses. It is also a nice way to mentally deal with the protocol.

The first several days off hcg are very uncomfortable for me. It seems like the food just sits like a brick in my belly. Today is the first day I didn't feel constantly bloated.

Tomorrow I will be picking the last blueberries of the season. 40 cents a pound is making me stock up on berries!! I'm making everything I can with them! woohooo!

Friday, August 8, 2008

lack of sleep

I truly found this week that lack of sleep will cause losing issues! My 5th child did not respond well to chicken pox and has high night fevers and was up every night. Which caused him to take long last-afternoon naps, which kept him up all night! Today I dn't see any new blisters so I'm hoping he's on the healing end of the virus. I got less interruptions last night and am a bit less tired than I have been all week. I'm hoping to break this stall quickly! The hardest thing is to be on such a limited diet and have no or very small losses!

Hubby is still progressively creeping down and is so happy I talked him into doing protocol with me!! He's getting very anxious to start working out and getting back into shape again. He was a runner in the Marines, but he's not sure his injured knees will alow him to do that anymore. Maybe with the weight off, they'll hurt less. He's got about 10 lbs to lose. He's not sure if he'll stop then or let the hcg go until all his abnormal fat is gone. We'll see when the time comes!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Down 40

I'm 40 lbs down today... since I didn't know to the .2 degree when I started, I'm not sure if I was 203.2 or.4 or.6, etc.. so for all sense I'm saying I'm 40 lbs down today. I posted updated pictures to the right. Only 10 lbs difference since last pictures, so not a huge change to see.

My kids are breaking out with chicken pox. 3 of the 5 have spots and just waiting for the rest. So far everyone is in decent spirits as they deal with being sick.

Otherwise I'm happily resisting temptations much better and am anxious that I'm getting closer & closer to my goal!! I may be only 20 lbs or so away!! That just astounds me! In less than 3 months, I've lost 40 lbs!! SQUEEEEEE!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

no goal today

Well, I've not hit ths 40 lbs mark today. I'm a little disappointed, but ok with it. My body is still swollen from the spondy flare so maybe that's it. Or my body is adjusting from the recent large losses. I'm up a bit today, but it could be constipation weight too.

I may not be updating as much the next while because 2 of my kids have the chicken pox today. I suspected one yesterday with his fever & not feeling good. Today they're in a decent mood. So we'll see what happens. I've got 5 kids and only 2 were vaccinated years ago, so I'm really hoping they'll all get it this year.

Hubby is down again today & is very happy he's on a losing roll again.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sliding again!

Today I went down 2 lbs..... I am 1.2 away from seeing my first 40 lbs GONE!!!!! Squeeeeeeee! This is phenominal!! I am feeling more confident, sexy & happy... amazing how the fat took so much away from me! Hubby is just melting away too! He's down 21 lbs already..pfwhew.... simply amazing. I'll probably take pictures when I hit the 40 lb mark, which will only be 10 lbs difference from my last pic taken. But it will be interesting to see what the changes, if any, are.

I'm shocked I lost so much because I went to the beach yesterday & got BURNED!!! I was conscious to drink a lot, hoping my body wouldn't retain too much to heal the burn. I am also swollen from an impending weather change... my joints are very stiff today. Feels like someone beat me to a pulp..... sigh... but it shall lessen soon...

I'm still curious to see what my ending weight will be. I set it at 140.. thinking I'd stop at 150 considering I went to boot camp at that weight and was very thin.... who knows? This protocol completely re-shapes & the losses are sooo different. I've been able to hang onto my old clothes, which is odd that 40 lbs later, I can still wear my size 12 shorts. Last time I was 170, I fit into a tight 10. But I also think that today's sizes are different than 7 years ago too... My 14/16 shirts are waaaaay to large & pretty gappy.

I went to JCPenny the other day & found a MEDIUM fits decently!!! Oh my goodness!!! A MEDIUM!!!! It's been AGES since I've fit into a medium because the backfat & fat arms & bosom kept me in larges always. I'm sooooo excited to see that arm fat going away!!!!

I've found my once-a-day dose of .125 suits me just fine. I only have hunger in the morning and by evening... cannot eat my whole dinner. I've been drinking a lot of crushed-ice smoothies which has really kept me satiated quite well. Our air conditioner is on the fritz right now so it gets sweltering in the house. Those ice smoothies are very refreshing! I'm so glad my girlfriend got me started at her house!! Lots of crushed ice blendered with a tad of strawberries & raw honey (not store bought since many brands have corn syrup in them and don't have to be labeled!). I haven't tried cinnamon & apples yet but will the next trip to purchase apples.

For those MANY that are watching my blog, do not be afraid to contact me with questions or concerns. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge & help as I make this journey to health.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New pants

Hubby had to buy new pants.... he's slimming down soooo fast!!! He started at a tight 36 pants, and now is in a nicely fitting 33... but not for long!! I never realized how the fat slowly accrued on his body too. Almost unnoticeable until the hCG starts working & to see the back-fat jiggle is very exciting!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Naughty weekend

We had a fantastic weekend with a new friend... and ended up eating off protocol a tad. So I gained, hubby stalled. My gain could also be from monthy cycle time which causes water weight too... So I'm fine with it all right now. Hubby is shocked he didn't gain.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another good question

"I was wondering if in all your research you found any negative reviews on Simeon's protocol? I would like to do some research on people not having success or having complications but a google search mostly renders complaints against Trudeau, which I totally understand. Thanks! "

Well, in all my research I have found the efefcts of this protocol are more profound than just losing is to help change your attitude concerning food.

The success rate depends upon how much you deviate from protocol. The success rate AFTER protocol depends upon if you've changed your eating habits to healthier choices afterwards. I'm pretty sure some people are 'upset' because they have to be conscious of what they eat for the rest of their life... and that if they start gaining again they have to do a steak day or two to get the body back into fat-burning mode. But those people have not had their attitude concerning food changed. Some have gained it all back very quickly too.. but that is because they have not changed their eating lifestyle.

That's not saying that you have to forever eat only organic raw food.. and can NEVER again eat ice cream or a fast food burger,.... all it means is that you cannot ONLY eat that kind of food. You need to listen better to your body & make healthy choices... no longer eating no fat, high starch foods constantly.

Are you going to continue to stress eat? Or eat from boredom? The whole protocol helps open your eyes to these issues and if you've dealt with them while on protocol.. you'll do just fine after protocol!

I hope that answers your question!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Response to a comment from Carolynkitty

My response to a comment from Carolyn:

Welcome!! So glad to see another one become a 'loser' on the hcg protocol!!

You could be experiencing a period of hunger because your body is burning empty fat calories. Or your mixture could be off...

I mix:
5 ml vodka and 5 ml water to my 5000IU hcg.

no colloidal silver or b12 is really necessary. Some do but only a little bit. Watch labels because MOST b12 has fructose sugar in it.

With the 10ml total mix, the drawing solution is easy to figure out with the math... on a 1ml syringe,
125 (or 12 on an insulin syringe) = 65 IU per dose, 125 IU daily>>> start with this one
.15 cc (or 15 on an insulin syringe) = 75 IU per dose = 150 IU daily
.2 cc (or 20 on an insulin syringe) = 100 IU per dose = 200 IU daily
.25 cc (or 25 on an insulin syringe) = 125 IU per dose = 250 IU daily
.3 cc (or 30 on an insulin syringe) = 150 IU per dose = 300 IU daily


It looks like your total liquid measurement is 20ml, so then your doseage would be:
250 IUs per mL. For a 125 IU dose, you would pull 0.5 mL of mixture into your syringe.

If you want to stay at 20ml total mixture I've found one person who is a chemist or something like that said he uses 17ml water, 3ml vodka. I've learned the more vodka you use, the more it will absorb.
And sublingual doses need to be held under your tongue for 10 minutes... not all gets absorbed which is why people say to take hcg twice a day sublingual. But it all depends upon how long you hold it to absorb it.

This last week I remembered to hold it as long as possible & I've noticed my hunger is down and I have reduced my doseage to 125 and am doing fine. I'd hat to waste it so I'm glad to be at a lower dose.

A LOT of people are night eaters and on protocol end up dealing with night hunger really bad. If you can push thru it and not eat anything, you will tell your body "NO" and soon the hunger habit will stop. I've found that drinking Chamomile tea in the evening helped curb that habit hunger. You have to determine if your hunger is habit hunger or real hunger. There's been a couple times I was growling hungry and ate an egg in the evening. BUT realize that losses in the morning will not be good if you've eaten right before bed.

Well, I hope that has answered your questions!! If not, then I suggest you join the group they have a lot of people to give advice based off their experiences.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FINALLY Down to 169!!

WOOHOOO!! !I'm soo geeked! After WEEKS of stalling & creeping down... I have finally pushed THRU to 169.0 today!!!! YEEEEEEHAWWWWW!!!!! I'm sooo happy!! To NEVER see 170 AGAIN!!!! So now I'm only 1 lb heavier than hubby.

I've been pondering lately with a couple friends that are getting ready to start as well. We've been discussing of the whole paradigm shift of thinking this protocol is.

Anyone can tell you that fat cells NEVER go away. They just shrink or fill up. That's it. End of story. You will always have deflated fat cells hanging & jiggling around after you lose weight. This whole thinking is by everyone.....

But NOT Dr Simeon!! His protocol actually breaks the fat cells down & your body gets RID of them!! How amazing is that? After seeing pictures of people losing 100 lbs and seeing no flabby skin haning is proof. Everyone gets a defined 6-pak ab too when they're done! That is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve if our fat cells only deflate.....

And I've never thought about internal fat. 32 lbs ago I couldn't hold my belly in very much.. it just pouched out. Hubby was the same. Now... pounds later, our bellies are held in sooo easily... Makes me realize how much INTERNAL fat we had!! And it was the first fat to go!

Oh! I just can't get over this whole process. And to think I may actually get lower than the anticipated 140 lbs..... mind boggling!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to get started!

Monday, July 21, 2008

On the 'road' again

I felt soooo bloated yesterday and didn't even eat much. Found the magnesium worked by this morning and I lost a couple pounds!! LOL! pfwhew! I decided my mind is back in the game and I'm cutting my break off short.... I started hcg again today. Hopefully the couple day break will help me break this stall at 170 lbs!! I'm sooo anxious to see 169 & lower!! My weight this morning (before the daily duty event) was 171.2. Hubby took a short break with me too. His cravings were getting bad (like mine) but after yesterday's gain, he decided to keep going. It sounds suspiciously like he's enjoying seeing his losses! LOL! So we're back on track today.

I started all my kids on the magnesium too... After I bought it for me, I remembered that it helps with adhd issues & helps calm kids down. Today it is starting to work on the older ones to calm down & help them sleep better. The older ones are letting me know. It is good to see them not so touchy with each other today! The younger ones started this morning, so it will be a couple days before they get enough into their system to notice a difference. THANK YOU MAGNESIUM!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taking a mini-break

Today I am exactly the same. Which is surprising since I was unable to eat a proper lunch. I did get some good magnesium and took it at noon. It didn't work until dinner time. Boy am I glad it worked!! I took a LOT so I'm sure I retained some water weight as well. Last night I remembered I forgot to take the hCG all day. That's fine. I could have kept going today, but decided to take a mini-break. At least until Wednesday. Eat some fresh fruits & veggies & different protein. Maybe it will push me thru this slow month.

So I need to eat very low calorie until tomorrow (72 hours) to get the hcg out of my system completely. Then I will eat more normal until Wed. Or until I feel like I need to get started again. I'm very frustrated because I was expecting to be in the 150's by now.

I do have pictures of me when I started & pics of me 32 lbs lighter HERE for those who are interested in seeing how the hCG changes & shapes our bodies!

Hubby's doing very well and keeps on constantly losing. He's down to 18.6 lbs lost.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Can I go any slower?

ARGH!! I am only just CREEPING towards 169!!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!! Time to go get a HUGE bottle of magnesium to get the intestines flowing. I'm sure I'll lose a TON tomorrow!! LOL!

I'm right at 170.0 today. Hubby is at 167.8. He is doing GREAT!!! He's gone from a tight 36 pants to a lose 34.... and still shrinking!! wowza!!

Magnesium info I learned:

Magnesium is deficient in our food and causes a LOT of joint pain, concentration & memory problems, adhd, constipation, restless leg syndrome, muscle twitches, insomnia, and so on...

Magnesium citrate is the least absorbed by our bodies, thus makes BM's moveable.
Orotate is the BEST absorbed (but expensive). Next is Oxide, and the others. You want a nice combo to keep intestines moving & to absorb enough into your body for the other good benefits of this trace mineral.

You want enough Magnesium on this protocol to keep your bowels moving smoothly. Things seemt to get blocked easily with the small amt of food. Gurgling & diarrhea means too much magnesium has been injested. The symptoms go away after a couple hours.

Ok, I'm off to go pick blueberries and will be stopping by the Health Hutt store nearby today to get myself some proper magnesium. I've been choking down epsom salts (not fun), but the last 3 times I've done it have produced no results. Time for something more palatable!

I think I'll get extra & give to the kids. They seem to be having problems concentrating & remembering to get their chores done lately! LOL!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's finally ahead

Hubby is finally smaller than me again.... sigh... but knowing how much easier men lose, I was expecting it. My goal was to see the 160's before him, but that's ok. I've hit another bump in the road... ovulation moment & again... constipation.

I took measurements hoping... and found I have lost 3 inches!

_____5/8 ___6/18 ___7/3 ___ 7/16
height... 64" ..... 64".......64" .......64"
weight...203 ......179......172.8 ......170.6
chest......44" ..... 43" .....41" ...... 40
ribs.........38" ..... 37"......34 ..... 34
waist.......42" .... 38"......35 ....... 34
hips.........45" .....42.......41 ......40
that makes a total of 21 total inches on the measured parts (not including arms, legs, neck, etc)

so it is good to see things are still slimming down. Now if I could only get the intestines to clean out I'd feel MUCH better & I'm sure lose even more! LOL!

I haven't talked to hubby yet this morning but his stats were blaring at me on the paper in the bathroom... 168.8! Yea! He made it to the 160's!! I HOPE tomorrow I'll be there too.... I'm again going thru a very squichy & blubbery time so I hope it's leaving soon! I'd like to be down before the summer is out! It's funny how I was planning on being in the 150's by this time. I NEVER expected to be stalled for so long or going so slow. My first 4 weeks were astounding losses! And to compare pounds loss is depressing. But really, it's not always about the pounds, but about the inches as well!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Holy Cow Batman!!

Dennis lost 2.2 lbs after quite a while losing only tiny amounts each day!! That's even after drinking a beer last night!! We both had to do eggs all day because we were tired of stead and had nothing else to eat for protein. So eggs was the choice.

I was thinking yesterday about how close we are getting ... then remembered there is a 5lb(or more) difference between our digital scale & our analogue scale. The digital runs heavier. So we may be even closer than we thought!!! I might possibly already be in the 160's!!! I"m so pleased to have hit 170.6 today....I am constantly hitting numbers I haven't seen in 7 years! My 3rd pregnancy started around here and I was forced to gain 30 or more pounds the last half of the pregnancy. I went into pre-term labor at 20 weeks and the midwives told me I HAD to eat to keep the baby in. Had to eat a LOT of protein too. So I blew up horribly. Ended up delivering only a month early (which is usual for me) and she did fine. We just found out she's got Turner's Syndrome ,though, which is a common genetic defect in today's day.

Oh wow... I went back a bit there! LOL! So today I'm celebrating I have only 2 pregnancies to get off!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

half way there!

Today I'm down another pound. So If my final weight is at 140, then I am exactly Half Way There!! I've been on the VLCD approx. 8 weeks and have lost over 31 lbs. YEA ME!! That is very exciting.
My measurement losses:
~ 3 inches off my chest
~ 4 inches off my ribs (under bosom)
~ 7 inches off my waist
~ 4 inches off my hips

and inches off other parts of my body I haven't measured. So I've lost over 18 inches of fat off my body in 8 weeks!

Hubby's doing well. Slower than he wants but he's still losing. He's dealing with a bit of hunger, but it could be a 'season' during weightloss that some encounter, it could be a wrong dose of hCG. He upped it a couple days. We'll see what happens from here.

I seem to be doing much better at .3 ml two times a day. I'm very pleased.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

going down again

It seems that we've both recovered from the holiday weekend and are back to good losses. The standard is that you will take 3 days to revover from a cheat. I'm finally down to that elusive 172 that sneaked on my scale recently.... so officially I've lost 30.2 lbs.

In the spirit of reducing our weight, we are in the process of reducing our 'stuff' and I am posting on ebay for those that may be interested in bidding: dufresnet9. We need some extra to make repairs on our house.

Monday, July 7, 2008

pushing on

We survived the 4th of July weekend with a last minute agreement to go off protocol a bit. We ate hamburgers with buns & had some beer & slush to celebrate that afternoon. It only caused a couple pound gain for us both and we accepted it with grace. I'm still not stable in weight... one time I step on the scale it says 174.8, then I get off and step on again ...140.0.. then again ...135.8 ... so I don't know what is going on. Hubby's weight is the same each time he steps on & off. I think my weight of 172.8 may have been a freak because I haven't really seen that weight all week.. I've been staying at 173.8 usually. So I've not posted weights for myself.

I may also be stalling because of new px meds... nsaid and a muscle relaxor for pain & headaches. I am stopping this week to see if there's a difference. The good thing about the alcohol on the 4th.. it did good for my pain & I remember back in the Navy that it helped back then too! I didn't drink often though, but maybe the side effects of that is better than the side effects of these nasty nsaids that don't work anyway. Oh the joys and trials of life....

I upped my dose to .3 ml 2x a day to see if my hunger goes away. I've been very frustrated about that strange occurance. Not sure if it's a doseage issue or a precious starvation issue. I've been hungry, but eating fills me up quicker than normal, so I know it's working. I've been reading around and found that most sublingual users need higher doses than those that inject. SO I've upped it to .3 and it seems my hunger is abating on day 2. I'm also going to stop eating eggs as a main protein source. They are very easy to make & I like them. I seemed to lose a lot when i ate beef, chicken, tomatoes, asparagus, strawberries & apples. So I'm going to go back to that routine of foods, even though they are not all my favorite. Time to buck up & get on with it to get this weight loss completed sooner than later!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

still stuck

Well, it's been several days & I've been at a stall. A little frustrating, since my eyes wanted to see the 160's on the scale this week. I measured myself this morning and noticed that the hCG is still working! I've lost inches instead of pounds! PFWHEW! I'm starting to be more proportionate!!! Nice & curvy.... Here's my newest stats on inches (nice:41-35-41!!)YES!! That backfat is nearly GONE!!:
______5/8 ____6/18 __6/3
height... 64" ..... 64".......64"
weight...203 ......179......172.8
chest......44" ....43" .....41"
waist......42" .... 38".....35"
hips.......45" .....42......41"

Hubby had a slight gain and then lost this morning. It might have been because of a dinner meeting.. he ate broccoli and maybe there was butter or something extra on it or on the steak he ate. His belly is noticeable decreasing. Very exciting to see!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I'm 0.4 away from being at my 30 lbs lost! woohoo! I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be there. How exciting.. in 37 days, I've lost 30 lbs! That's not including the load days. That's pretty impressive to me! Right now I'm in between sizes and am waiting to go down a little bit more. I'm ok with my shirts being too big for now. I'm too cheap to get new clothes that fit now if I'm going to be out of them within a couple weeks!
I think I missed my hCG dose this morning and I was not really hungry all day. I think it happened last time too. My idea is tomorrow to go with a much smaller dose (under 125 iu) to see if that is better for me. It is so hard to know the right dose because I don't know if my hunger is from 'starvation-dieting' previous or if it's from my hCG dose. I've been giving different doses 3 days to see it there's any change. I also am stopping my Armor Thyro meds. I noticed yesterday I was having heart palpatations & wooziness when I'd walk up the stairs or moving heavy things. Today I felt much better. I've heard some people have remissions during the protocol.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

not today!

Losses were nill or very small today.... Hubby was a bit disappointed and thinks it's from the spoonful of ice cream!! I ate a few spoons of cookie dough, then remembered I was supposed to take some epsom salts to clean out the constipation. SO I'm not sure which one caused my stall. I am also not sleeping well (because of pain) which also slows the losses down too. Well, tomorrow is a new day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doing the slide.... what a loser!

Happily my new goal is to focus and try to hit the 160's by Sunday. It's been over 7 years since I've seen that number. Pregnancy #3 put me over. I did get back to the 170's after that child, but then got pregnant 2 more times very quickly after that. I'm so very excited at seeing the numbers slide down! woohoo!

Hubby's on his 3rd day and he's doing exceptionally well with the protocol & being very obedient in the limited food choices. With his rate of losses... I'm sure he'll bet to goal very quickly. One exception... we're doing eggs as a protein choice because we're not huge meat eaters. We also occasionally eat cottage cheese with strawberries and seem to do well on that. We found the Daisy brand, even though it's small curd (we like large curd best) it has no artificial ingredients or starch fillers and tastes very nice. Sometimes we add a forkful to our hamburger & tomatoes to make a lasagna type meal. I add a forkful to salads to make them more palatable for me. I also like doing mandarine oranges on my salad too. I may have to do that one today.

But my happy news is that I think I've found the doseage that is right for me.... I'm doing 250 ml and my hunger is not constant like earlier. I seem to not be quite consumed with eating as I was earlier this week. Pfwhew! I've noticed I'm at a weight where my rings fit like they did when I was thin and no more swelling so bad. I think I'll have to take some measurements again to see if I've lost any more inches.

I found this body fat calculator that is using the formula the US Navy uses:

Using normal BMI calculators are very incorrect for those who have a lot of muscle. Normal BMI says I'm at 31% bodyfat. The Navy one says I'm at 26%. Here's a link to another one that takes more measurements and ends up very close to the Navy one:

they've got an excell spreadsheet link on the top where you can just put in your numbers & the sheet will calculate it for you. Much easier than trying to do all those calculations by yourself!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 8 R2

Today is my 8th day on my 2nd round of VLCD and I've lost 6.4 lbs. I'm way down from my first round stats, but I've not eaten like I did the first round either. I am again constipated and will drink some epsom salts today to get rid of the build-up. That should make the losses greater tomorrow. Hubby started his very low calorie diet (vlcd) today. But he's got a migraine and probably won't be eating much anyway.

My amt of hCG is at 250 cc and I'll give it a couple more days to make sure it's working properly before I decide to change. Lots to do today so this post will be short.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 3 R2

Day 3 of round 2 and I am finally over my LIW (last injection weight) of 179.8. Today will be a resting day from cleaning trees. My pain is telling me to take it easy today and to leave some work for hubby! It wouldn't be fair to have me do all the hard work!! lol! I took some magnesium last night and got the ol' bowels moving and the bloating has been relieved. Pfwhew!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 2 R2

Today is my 2nd day on the VLCD. I was happy to see over 2 lbs lost since yesterday since I knew my body was releasing.. I was peeing buckets again. I may have slowed myself down a tad by working outside moving cut down tree branches & logs. Today I think I'll take it a bit easier and not push so hard to give my hip a rest as well.... But then again, I have a difficult time slowing down on the days I have the energy to do work!

Again, if you're at all interested in learning more about this protocol.. visit the forum and ask questions there. A lot of people have been doing this for a year or so to lose 100 lbs and are still having success. I know a lot of people frown on such a radical procedure because our general thoughts on weight-loss are so skewed by the thoughts 'if you'd only exercise more and eat less...' and '500 calories is NOT safe!' and so on...but they don't understand the whole synergy of this medical protocol that was studied & researched 50 years ago and only now has come to America. It's about resetting a damaged hypothalamus gland. For those that overeat for other reasons, then this protocol will also help bring to light those reasons so they can be dealt with. So if you're reading and you're skeptical.. do not look at this as just another diet plan that will put on more weight when you're done. This is a scientific medical protocol to set things right for your future. You will have the tools to keep your weight of for the rest of your lfe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

2nd Round: Loading Day 1 Sublingual

YEAH!! My hcg came in today & I AM SOOO EXCITED!! I thought I was going to have to wait another week. Once I realized I had all the supplies needed to take it sublingulally (under tongue) this time, I started today! Perfect timeing since we celebrated my youngest son's 3rd birthday a couple days early because hubby will be out of town on Monday. So DQ cake was in my protocol!! I'm working very hard at loading properly this time. I don't want to be hungry like I was the last time..

Ok, so sublingual method is cheaper in a sense because you don't have to pay for all the needles & syringes & bac water. But you potentially use more hCG this round. I'm trying it to see how well I do and can change after 3 weeks.

~ 80 proof or higher liquor (tequila, vodka, rum, etc)
~ a syringe to measure in cc or ml,
~ a small brown or blue glass bottle with a lid.
~ water
:::: Mix 5 ml water with 5 ml liquor in a small brown glass bottle. Since I got the hCG with the rubber top, I just injected a bit of water to dissolve the powder, then I drew it out and squirted it into the brown bottle. I'm trying 150 IU's so my doseage is .15ml in morning and .15ml in evening and put it under my tongue.

Pretty easy. So today & tomorrow are loading days with the hCG in my system. The loads are to fill the fat cells to keep from hunger during the protocol. Whatever pounds you gain during the loading days are lost within the first 2 days of the VLCD (very low calorie diet). It is best to not load on sugar things like candy. Go for the high fat stuff... cream cheese, ice cream, nuts, mac & cheese, donuts, brownies, etc. I don't normally eat like this so it is very strange for me. But I am stuffed tonight and am very uncomfortable. ugh!

My hubby will be starting a week later because he is going out of town awhile. I know I could wait for him, but I am to anxious to get this weight off already. I'm sure he'll be done way before me though, but maybe not!! I'm thinking constantly about where I'll be in the next 3-4 weeks. I lost 23 pounds the last 3 weeks... If I do that well this round.. wow... I could be down to the 150's!!! IN 3 WEEKS!! Oh I'm praying I'll do that well!! I think I will because my fat is sooo loose & buttery right now. It's kinda disgusting to see it jiggle so much. It's like play-dough... getting ready to be released!!

Can you tell I'm excited??

Thursday, June 12, 2008

P3 day 5

Well, I've been on phase 3 (resting btween injection phase) and I've been surprised I've maintained within the 2 pounds of my last injection weight (LIW). I've not eaten totally according to instructions, mostly because I have a difficult time eating with the summer humidity in the air! I've started drinking pure whey protein shakes from (no starch or sugars added..bleck! not the tastiest of shakes) to help increase my protein intake to keep from metabolizing my muscles and causing an increase of weight. I feel very blubbery again and keep thinking I'm gaining. I think my fat cells are re-adjusting & hopefully loosening for a loss of inches here soon. That would be nice to see! Time to get into a size 10 for sure instead of 12 being too big & a 10 being too tight!

I was able to find a barely fitting 2-piece swim suit to sunbathe in private on my deck. I've not done that in YEARS!! I'm preparing to look fabulous for my much smaller size in the next couple of months..yea! I can almost taste it!

My hcg tracking said the other day that my shipment is at US customs. I'm not sure how long it sits there, but the normal shipping is 3-4 weeks. I ordered May 30th so it looks like I have at least another week on phase 3. I am very anxious to get losing again!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

P3, day 1

Today is my first day on phase 3.. resting time from the hCG. I need to learn how to eat the full 3000 or so calories each day, sticking to healthy fats, fruits & veggies. I've done well this weekend while on a trip to the other side of the state to visit friends & a graduation. Surprisingly, I was not hungry. Something that should have happened more while ON the hcg. I did very well staying on the 500 calorie diet.

The first couple days eating full calories are not typically full calorie days because it takes a couple days for the stomach to handle so much food. I'm a little concerned that I will not be able to eat the full amt because I'm not used to eating so much food. I'm one of the few people that actually gained weight by not eating enough, so this is a VERY important step for me to do correctly. I've maintained my weight so far and I'm supposed to stay within 2 pounds above or below during this period. I've heard that even though my weight stays the same, my body is still re-structuring itself and I may still lose inches. I'm very excited for this nice change and am excited to see what else happens during this phase. The time can go from a couple days to 6 weeks of this rest, depending upon how my body & mind can handle it. Dr Simeons suggests 3 weeks because the body doesn't stabilize until after 2 weeks. I think it will take 2 weeks to get my hCG shipment to arrive so I will probably go with that route. I'll see when I get to that point.